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tv   Today  NBC  January 24, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good mning. dangerous and deadly -- two people die as the eastern hal of the country is gried by the coldest weather in years. temperatures in the single digits and belo is car in new york encased in ice and guess what's coming right behind -- another winter storm. under arrest -- the wom accused of kidnapping a baby and raising her for 23 yrs face as judge today. this morning the father who thought he had lost his daughter fover is here for a live terview. and the god father of fitness, jack lanne, the man onspired generations of americans to get into shape h died at the age of 96
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we'll look at his remarkable life today, nday, january 24, we'll look at his remarkable life today, nday, january 24, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television that little image says it all. good morning. welcomto "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry in for meredith vieira day. i thought i woke up in antarctica. it was a nightmare. it was minus 1 as i drove in from connecticut this morning. >> 6 degrees, it plungedo that overnigh mis 1 where ann was. wi chill warnings from pennsylvia to new england. it feels even colder. how would you like to wake up in en falls, new york, where they sea record at minus 27 degrees? just ahead, how long the cold will last and the lates on the storm that is headed et for a
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little later on in the week. also ahead thi morning we have news about congresswoman gabrielle giffords. sheit a small setback iner recovery. doctors will keep hern intensive ce to monitor fid in her brain. also ahead, we'll talk about one of those subjects that's probably best you don't speculate about. >> that's right. fact, take a look atthis. we have a videotape of a reporter who was put on the hot seat by a tennis star in front of thousandsf fans. many were watching on television after she learned the reporter thought he was pregnant and texted somebody aboutthat. so s busted him live on television. >> threw him rightnder the australian bus. he turned about the shade of that shirt he's wearing. you never want to do that. >> we have aot to get to. let's start with the deep freeze gripping a large swa of the country. nbc's peter alexander is bundled
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up tight in central park. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. talk aboutrawing the short straw. it's a tou day out here. this is expected to be the coldest day in new yk city in at lst two years. you can count the number of digits, the temperaturen oh y o fingers if you could feel them. in the adirondacks, minus 36 degrees. at's relativy balmy considering the wind chills. minus 40, en minus 50 degrees at points today. welcome to the gre american ebox. these are not your fair weather fans. in chicago where the bears and packers faced off and wind chills were in the singl digits, tailgater ted to ignore the thermostat. >> i have onour laye. it'setting colder by the second, i swear. >>eporter: in pittsburgh,ame story, diffent city. th fiery jets and steelers showdowneft little heat for
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those in the stands. it's not just cold. it's painful and it will get worse today with more than hf the cntry suffering through biting winds and below average temperatures. the wind chills will be so l that if you have exposed flesh you could get frostbiten as little as ten minutes. frozen rds made driving dangerous an ancy highway caused this tractor-trailer crash saturday in canada. amazingly, none was hurt. in ohio where the mercury dropped to 11 degrees below zero sunday, a bch volleyballvent where players lt their shirts and arguably their minds. in minneapolis, this boy scout trp braved the cold overnight innow caves, all for a coveted patch. >> stay dry, stay warm, sta hydrated. >> reporter:ll this cold on top of all that snow. fivetorms in the northeast in the lt month alone with yet another one forecast this week. >> i can't take no more. i can't.
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no more snow. no more snow. >> reporter: you thinkou're having a toughmorning? try being the owner of ts car here in new yorcity. we came across thi video a little bit earlier overght. this is what they are rerring to as the icy audi model. apparently a water main broke in the neighborhood and as you can see, the car is boxed inor what could be days with temperures below freezing for at least t foreseeablefuture. we are not messing around out here. weave toe rmers, hand warms and extra layers. excuse the ibrow. whatever it takes t stay warm. >> we're sending youo glen fall for the next cut-, peter. good luck. get on your horse. thank you very much, sir. how long ll the bitter cold last? maria lasa is here for al this morning. good morning. >> the short answer is not much long. we are peaking in the extreme cold this morning. it is goi to hurt fort least the next day or two. look at the temperatures now. buffal 7 below. new york city, 6 degrees and
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poland at 12 below. it doesn't take much wind. winds may be 5 or 1 miles per hour but the wind chills are dangerous. it feels like 20 below zero. buffalo with a wind chill of 18 below. the next morning or two, really cold but we haveo focus then on the south. yes, anoth storm in the making. right now i doesn't look like a lot. we have the radar on. 'll see locally heavy rai through the ctral gulf coast. that is going toork with the ld air, mayberinging sno to the northe mississippi, alabama and tennessee vley area. by tuesday, wednesday into thursday gets interestg. we havehe one stormrack that could bring snow and rain mix to major cities like d.c., new york and boston. major cities end up on the that is aook at the weather around the country. now a look at what you can pect. >> good morning. here we have temperatures around our region that are frigid. we have it down in the single digits toughout much of the
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region. and around the area clear y. 'll have it warming up this afternoon, onlyear 30 so staying below freezing throughout the day with increasing clouds. might have a few flurries this afternoon and tonight. warmer tomorrow in the low 40s. mostly cloudy. rainn wednesday ending as wet ow wednesday night. >> ann, over to you. >> president obama is hoping for a warmer reception when he delivers the state of the union address tomorrow night. nbc's savanh guthrie has a preview this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. the president has seen a bump in the polls and hopes tuesday night's speech will keep the momentum, but already republicans are drawing the battle lines. >> i just wanted to give you a little bit of a preview of what i'm ing to be saying. >> reporter: still tweaking the stat of the union over the weekend behind closed doors a that time white house, president obama gave campaign supporters a sneak peek online. >> my numberne focus is going
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to be ming sure that we are competitive, that we are growing and we are creating jobs, not just now, but well into the future. >> reporter: aheme that ma sound familiar from last year's speech. >>obs must beur number one focus 20. >> reporter: one year later wit unemployment still stubbornl high and the democrs' rebuke in the midterm the president is expected to pt a more centrist course. aids say the speech will emphasize worki with republicans where possible, the need for job creation especially by increasing exports and the need for tough decisions on spending to reducehe decit. but the president will also call for so-called investments in key areas like education and infrastructure -- a word that set olarm bells for republicans. >> we want to cut and grow because when we hear"invest" from anyone in washington, to me that means me ending. >> with all due respect to our democratic friends any time ty want to spend they call it
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investment. >> reporter: paul ry guave an offial response but michelle bachmawill give her response on behalf of the teaparty. a ll for increased civility in the wak of the tucson shooting, dozens will break tradition and sit together aopposed to across t aisle. >> it's a good thing to do. why not? >> my new senate republican colleague mark kirk and i are going to sit together. i'm briing the popcorn. he's bringing a coke with two straws. >> reporter: n everyone will engage in the gesture. mitch mcconnell plans to sit where he always does, with fellow republican leaders. more important than the appearan of sitting togher is what we do together. >> reporter: one other state of the union tradition, the first lady wilhave her box for specia guests andaniel hernandez, theero intern from the tucson shooting, wilbe present tuesday night. commander mk kelly, who of cose i giffords' husband, was invited by the white house but
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is unable to attend. ann? >>hank you very mu, savannah. we'lair the state of thenion tomorrow at 9/8 central here on nbc. it is 7:09. here's matt. >> thank you vermuch. congresswoman ffords' road to recovery hit a setback over the weekend. janet shamlian has the latest on that. good morning to you. reporter: they are keeping he in intensive care longer than hoped it was planned to move her to theehab society but due to a side effect from this brain injury she is n ready to make that move. a small setback for gabby giffords. with a build-up of fluid on her brain she won't move to the rehab unit of the houston hospital as quickly as planned. >> several days o in tucson there was a lite fid collection that the docs put a drainnto around her brain. that dra is still in place. with that drain in place she can't leave t ic >> reporter: despite the complication, giffords is
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alady in therapy. her sband,stronaut mark kelly tweeting sunday, gabrielle starts her second day of rehab in0 minutes at memorial hermann. no wkends off here. >> we try to wean the patient f the drain by draing less frequently and trying to assess whether or not the brain is capae itself of reabsorbing the fluid. >> reporter: as trtment continues in texas, in phoenix today jared loughner, the man accused of shooting giffords and killing six others,ill make s first appearance in federal court. the -year-old facing charges of attempting tossassinate the congressman and the attempted murd of two of her staff members. although furtherharges are expected and he could face the death penay if convicted. nbc new hasbtained these photos of loughner taken by a friend at a party. tierney is the friend who got a call from louner in the hrs before the shooting who said loughner sounded suidal.
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it is a differentook from loughner's disturbing mug shot n. the photosaken two years ago he has a fl head of hair and isurrounded by friends. loughner is expected t enter a plea on the feder charges against him in that arraignment phoenix this afternoon. as gab giffords connues her fight here in houston. matt? >> all right. janet shamlian, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> allright. a check of the rest of the top stories with natalie morales at theews dk. >> good morning, everyon police are investigating a deadly shootout in a washington state walmart that left aoung woman and the gunman dead on sunday. two sheriff's deputies were wounded in the cross fire. witnesses say the gunman opene fire after deputs approached to speak with him. >>four detroit police officers are recovering after a gunman burst into the stion and opened fire. none of the officers wound are considered life threateni t. nman was killed.
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he woman suscted of kidnapping an inft 23 years ago has surrendered toolice in connecticut. ann pettway will appea in court to fe kidnappin charges in the case of carlinawhite. white discovered her te identity on a missing psons database much more on this story comin up in a little bit. palestinian negotiators agreed to allow israel to keep its claim on parts of east jerusalem inast talks. according to classified documents leaked by al jazeera and the guardian. the white house is verifng the documents which palestinian negotiators are dismissing. five americans are bac on dry land after their boat disappeared inhe philippines sparking an international search effort. the38-foot catamaran hit stormy seas and was reported missing en it failed to reachts destination on time. a water main break turned pa of the capitol beltway outside washgton, d.c. into an
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icy river. drivers were barred from the roadways afterhe ' inch pipe burst backing up traffic for miles. melissa lee is at the stock exchan. there is big ns today. >> there is. even the massive recalls couldn't keep toyota from holding onto the top spot as the world's largest aumaker in 2010 they told 8.14 million with general motors at a close number two. the gap suggeing that the ssive recalls may have dented toyota's reputation for ality. gm though eve at number 2, it is worth noting t remarkable recovery since the government bailout in 2009 and the reliing of shares at the exchange in november. natalie? >> all right. melissa lee, thks. and the green bay packers will face off against the pitturgh steelers in super bowl xl theteelers toppled new york 24-19.
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the packers bt the brs 21-14. the showdown will be a cowboys stadium in texas. another year of too little too late for the ts. good for the steelers. it is 7:15. now back to matt and ann. i'm sure you watched theame. >> i didn't, but i will say there e a lot of upset jets fans in the studio. >> yeah. >> two yrs in a row, the dreamsnd in the afc championship game. but you have two storied franchises competing i the super bowl in green bay and pittsburgh. >> we you yelling a the tv set? >> i'm not a yeller. i throw things. natae, thanks. >> all right. let's talkbout another story now. we'll tur to italy where amanda knox, t american college studen accused of murdering her roommate is getting another chance. her appeal is moving forward giving knox and her family the first hope they have had in years. michelleosinski has the latest on the story from rugia.
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good morning. >> reporte good morning. what a differenca new judge and prosecutor can make, righ this time the is no yelling, name calling and the court ordered a careful new look at what little evidence exists. that said, amanda knox is rving a 26-year sentence and prosecutors want to lengthen that to life. the italian paperstill call her angel face, but amaa knox'samily say she couldn't care less about that she a her boyfriend looklder now, strained since they were convicted of sexually assaulting an murdering amanda's roommate in 2007. it's starting to wear on her. it's been so long. it's cold in there right now. it's gray. >> reporte now for the first time in these years amanda has good reason t smile. her appeal is going her way. the judge finally allowed independent experts to review e case.
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the defense can call new witnesses, a key prosecution witneswas charged with deali heroin and now a situation that could ange everythi. experts will retest the highly contested dna evidence. a minuscule trace from the victim, but not blood, found on is knife from the kiten that prosecutors called the murr weapon amanda dna was on the handle but her defense sai she cooked meals i his apartmentnd a tiny trace of rafaeli' dna on meredith's bra clasp butowhere else on t scene. experts don't think 's his dna at all. >>o match. no match. i did a deep examination of the results obtainedy the police and i'm sure there are two exclusions. >> reporter: such a difficult, emotiol case, it's drawn pporters for amanda like thi retired british doctor. >> there is no evidce.
7:18 am
there's nothe slightest bit of evidence. >> reporter: in r prison in the quiet hills amanda occupies herself studying, listening to music and playi ping-pong. very guardedly hopeful. >> we have always said that theseits of evidence are re-examined tt things will -- that the truth will be found out. it's nice to he that happen. >> rorter: so expertsave 90 days to test andnalyze the evidence. they will subt a report and then it could be months before amandainds out if her nviction stas or she is set free. ann? >> michelle, thank you somuch. it's 7:18. here's matt. >> thank you very much. now the countwn to prince william and te middleton's wedding with 95 days togo. so royal watchers say the stress is beginningo show a little. nbs stephanie gosk is at buckingham lace. good morning t you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. well, listen, i hope you have booked your hotel rooms because
7:19 am
the hotels are getting booked up fast and the flights to loon, especially from the u.s., are being marked up 40% just because ofhe demand. tens of thousands of people they don't know will desnd upon londonust to witness the wedding and, yes, h is the future king and kate's the future king,ut really this soon to be married couple are appling with the same issues any couple would ve. royal watchers say the bride seems to be losing weight. is it stressr for the dress? >> she'sooking ultra slim, but i think that's the prerogative of all brides aund the world. every girl wants to look her bestn her wedding day. >>eporter: another concern is where to live -- with family? dad's places nice. thegrandmother's place isn't bad either, but the latest rumor isilliam wants to live in keington palace where charles and diana moved after t wedding where dna continued to live after t vorce.
7:20 am
>> you have the accessibili of getting arnd town sy. plus, you're i a gated area. there is lot of security. >> reporter: most couples don't have to worry about secity but they have to worry about who t invite to the wedding. do you include youruncle's trouble-making ex? the british press say fergie may make the list dpite trying to cash in onrince andw's notoriety. then the is the tricky issue of the best man. close friend or brother? william is said to have chosen prince harry, but like most best n he's a wild card n. the latest picture harry proves he can do a shotf alcohol through his nose. who knows what he will say in the speech? another issue to be resolved is the ban fd f the weddg. p.diddy has raised his hand and snoop dogg dedicated his son saying it's the perfect anthem for william or any other playa
7:21 am
to get the club oking. i don't ow how william or the queen cou rest. matt? >> steanie gosk in london for us. thank you ve much. just ahead on a monday morning the woman who raised the child stolen from a new york hospital 23 years ago now facing kidnapng charges. we'll t the latest on the story and talk exclusively to the girl's father. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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to cookies just out of the oven. to the morni bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the caium and vitamin df regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. good morni. it 7:26 on thi monday, january 24th. i'm kimberly suiters. t's get to breaking news. prince george's county,ars overturned by rushing water at the sitef a massive54-inch water main break in largo. the inner loop of the beltway has been shut for three hours now. bishop mcnamara high school is ut down becausef this. let's get to jerry. >> in addition to the problems with the wer main breaknd the problems with that water now the beltway shut dn in the 4:00 hour, everybody taken off to central avenue. yo best bet now outer loop through silver spring to the american legion idge.
7:27 am
beltway south, a crash outer lo at telegraph road in the process of being moved over to the shoulder. very busy monday. >> tnks, jerry. that wat hitting the road is freezing, yourorecast coming up next.
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>> good morning kierein. a frigid start near 10 degrees, afternoon highs near 30. tomorrow warmer could get rain on wednesday, and then changing
7:29 am
over to a period of snow wednesday night before ending late. and now back to yo kimberly. >> sy with us all morning. a live look at the power of water. anher update on
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7:30 now on a monday morning, the 24th of january, 2011. nice picture there courtesy of r camera on the top of the rock here in rockefeller center. that's looking north and west through central park andhe west sidef manhattan on a chilly, chilly morning. these people here get gold stars beuse it is 6 degrees outside as the east coast or the eastern ha of the country is gripped by frigid temperatures. we'll get outside and talk to people a little bit from now. i'm matlauerlong with ann curry who's filling in for meredith. ead a liveinterview with the father who was just reunited
7:31 am
with hisaughter who was stolen from new york hospital as a baby 23 years ago. >> and also ahead, iyou're a parent of a daughter -- we both ar -- we all know that girls likeo play, a lot of them, with playing princess and aring pink. but iit possible that sends a message to young girls that may limit their fure? that's according to o future. we'll talk about that comin up. >> we are going to look back at the remarkab life of fitness guruack lalanne who died sunday at the age of 96. we begin with the latest on the decas-old kidnapping case that resulted in a remarkable reunion between a woman and her real parents. we'll talk to her father in a moment, butirst tom yamas from here in new york has the latest on the case good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. ann ptway will appear befe a fedel judge this morning in new york city. over the weekend thebi and the nypd we looking for her. she turned herself in.
7:32 am
authories believe she kidnapped carlina white 23 yrs ago from a new yk hospital. the question is not only how but y. this exclusive video shows ann pettway in custodyeaving the fbi's office in bridgeport, connecticut. fedel authorities sayettway kidnapped carlina white from harlem hospital in 1987 when white was just an infant. saturday, police say pettway was spotted trying to sell items at this bridgeportpawnsh. >> she was recognize by a clerk. he made a call to us and t detectiv responded to the location. >> repter: pettway, whos 44, turned herself in on sunday. e's wanted for breaking probatn in north carolina. pettway disappeared after news broke that the woman she calle her daughter, nejdra nce, was really carlina whe. >> the whole family believed that ann was nejdra's mother. there was never no questions about .
7:33 am
>> reporter: relatives say they remember seeing pettway pregnant but no one saw her give birth to nejdra. the factsren't known but there is a profile for by snatcher >> it's norlly a woman who has recent lost a childho has a fantasy about being a mother and has not been able to aieve it. it may be someone who's faked a pregnancy for seven, eight, ne months and needs to produce the proof of the pregnancy. >> rorter: for more than two decades the parents had no idea what happened to their daughter. >> she thinks maybe we'll press charges. right now, i won't press charges. bring me the baby. >> rorter: dna confirm carlina's true identitand she reunited with her biological moth arounfather. carlina said she long suspected pettway wasn't her real mother because she couldn't produce a
7:34 am
birth certificate. rlina found a picture of a miing baby that looked like her own baby. precutors have a song case. >> though this has been over a 20-year cold case for the authoritiewe have dna evidence. we have the statements of relaves basically going back from the time the little girl disappeared from the hospital. so don't think ts is going to be hard to put together at all. >>eporter: todayn court prosecutors may reveal what evidence they have agast ann pettway, something they don't have is surveillance video on that day back in august of 1987 the cameras in theospital weren't working. matt? >> all right, tom. thank you very much. carlina's father carl tyson is with us exclusily ang with hi sister regina. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm trying to see the smile on you face. what have the last several days been likfor you, carl? >> oh, they haveeen hard. >> hard?
7:35 am
joyous in someways? >> yous, yes. >> hard in whatway? >> right about me- excuse me for a minute. i'm happy that my daughter came back to me. another problem i'm havg is it's hard for her to cope with us right now because she hasn't been with us for 23 year i know she wants t reunite with us and erything. on the oth hand, she had this other family a that she's been with. >> she can just walk ay from 23 years ofer life to say, okay, this is my real life over here. it's got to be a difficult adjument. >> it is. it really is. >> you mushave thought -- i mean, i know you thought about your daughter every day. >> every day. >>ince she went missing 23 ars ago. when you stop to think about everything you missed that was taken from you, you know, the birthdays, birthday parties, iends, all of that, how do you deal wit that? >> it s really ha. when christmastime comes, they
7:36 am
didn'tive christmas toys to her. on her birthd, no one would give a party to her. it was hard walking down the streets seeing someone having a baby. i was always wondering if that's my baby. i don't have a young ladyo take to th park. it was hard. >> ann pettwa the alleged kidnapper in this case, turned herself in to police ove the weekend. she'll now face federal charges. i rember looking at that tape where 23 years agoou saion television, i'm not going to press charges. i just want my baby back. the federal government will now prs charges. how have your feelings toward this person changed over t years? >> rht about now whatever the court system applies to her, that's all right with me. i'm not going to say much on that because have other things my heart. >> i know one question you would love to have a chance to ask her -- >> why? yeah. can you begin to speculate as to
7:37 am
why? >> jus
7:38 am
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>> matt i thi you said a hardy
7:40 am
crowd on the plaza enjoying single digit temperatures and wind chills well below zero. let'show you where wre going to end up later on this afternoon. you canee the high temperatures again in theteens, maybeetting into the 20s through the mid-atlantic. across the south the placeo be if you want t warmth. 60s and 70sn florida, texas and sthwest california. today's weather about the chill in the north, we he rain moving in the centralulf coast states, the sunshine is going to hang on lonr across the soheast. southwest, too, sunshine and warmth, showers across the northwest. that a look at theeather ross the country. here's what you can expect. >> good morning. a frigi start to this monday morning. a clear sky, the sunshine now an temperatures are down in the low and mid single digits. mostf virginia and maryland, washington and near the bay in the teens, later today upper 20s to near 30s with increasing ouds. a slight chance of a flurry, in the mid-20s tomorro morning.
7:41 am
mostly cloudy. could get rain on wednesday. endi as wet snow wednesday night. tt, back to you. >> thank you very much. up next, the tennis sta who nfronted a reporr on the court for raising a question about her being pregnant. that's right after this. ♪ daisy, do a dollop ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural rm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredies. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ better wh a dollop here ♪ fresher with a dollop there ♪ ♪ wholesome in ery way ♪ daisy, do a dollop ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop
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coentator learned the hard way. here's mara schiavocampo. >> kim clijsters brees into the fourth round. >> rorter: it was an awkward moment for all theorld to say. >> what did i say? >> you thought i was pregnant. >> oh, no she did not. >> repter: kimsteres had finished with her opponent when she confronted toddwoodbridge about a text message sen to a mutual friend. >> lete say what was written in the messag first, s looks grumpy and her boobs are bigger. >> oh, my goodness! >> reporter: clijsters a marri mom who lives wh her husband said she is not pregnant. it not the first time mother od has been an issue in her career. she retired to start a family in 2007 only to returno the sport a year after havg daughter ja.
7:45 am
>> i guess i have to ask -- are you? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: but this exchange live in front o 14,000 spectato and a larger tv audience left woodbridge red-faced. >> well, that's the end of my tv career. thank you very much. >> reporter: and toued a nerve for others. >> many wen are asked if they e pregnant. it's usually becau they have gained weight. whatoman wants it to be acknowledged tha she's gained weight? >> repter: for many women the simple question are you pregnant? raises complex ises. according to the cdc almost 12% of women have fertility problems. >> you never know she may have issuein the marriage preventing her from wanting to get prnant. she may be trying and having a tough time or she may have had miscarriages. >> reporter: for his part, woodidge on a morning show says he and clijsters are close and there are noard feelings. >>e are good friends, kind of a traveling circus. was the clown yesterday.
7:46 am
>> reporter: clijsters is applauded for handling the iue withhumor, deflecting powerful volleys ring the match and after. >> i think on that note we might let you get inside. congratulaons. >> reporter: for "today," mara schiavocampo, nbc news, new york. >> a lotf good humor, i thought. >> that's for sure. >> i tnk she was having fun with him, ribbing him for the te message. ha you had that awkwardoment when you say, when are you expecting? >> a the time. >> i'm wondering what major mega star, maybe angelina lie bust out on a major magazine because they are always speculating with a circle around the belly. >> i know. you're bloated or you had a bagel. >> exactly. stillhead we'll be talking about findi confidence in beauty at0 and beyond. first, these messages. [ female announcer it can creep up on you. dry skin.
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♪ i found a new love a natural true love ♪ ♪ that comes om a littlereen leaf ♪ ♪ zero-calorie, glt-free no artificiality ♪ ♪ my skinny jeans zipped in relief ♪ ♪ its name is truvia i had no idea ♪ ♪ no moreprinkling my coffee with grief ♪ [ announcer ] truvia. honestly sweet. back at 7:49 witthe sad news, the death of a america fitness icon. >> jackalanne whonspired miions to slim down and per kper size died o respirato failure at 96. there is no doubt his legacy will livon. ♪ >> one, two, three, ur. >> reporter: for 75 years jack lalanne has en inspiring men and women to exercise and eat right. >> you do your best, il do my best. >> reporter: earning him the title the godfather of fitness. >> i'm ready.
7:50 am
>> y run the lalan way with your kne in front a at the age of 21 jackpened the first modern health studio in oakland, california, a time when doctors sai worki out with weights would give people hrt attacks and they would lose their sexdrive. jack developed the models of first health equipment found i clubs today including a leg exteion machine and pulleys. >> time forhe jack lalanne show. >> reporter: starting in 1951 jack lalne used televion to spread t message of get up, rk out and feel better to viers spanning 34 years. >> how come you're just watching? do it with me. >> reporter:f that wasn't enou -- >> jack lalan believes in the hard y. >> reporter: he swam handcuffed. >> jack lalannes different. he's sensatiol.
7:51 am
>> reporter: at age 60 in 65 he did i again and at70 he pulled 70 boats with 70 people while ain being shackleand handcuffed. >> this is not a picnic. >> that's righ >> reporter: on his 90th birthday in 2004 he paid a visit to studio 1-a where willard joined matt and me to share birthday cake, but jack wouldn't even take a taste. >> iever eat beten mes. >> reporter: he was here to talk fitness. >> i can't afford to die. look at my imag i never think about dying. i think about living, living, living. ♪ this is t moment >> reporter: a jokester by nature, a fitness pioneer ahead of h time, jack lalanne will never be forgotte >> good-bye, boys and girls. have fun. bye-bye! >> oh, his publicistaid that pretty muchhen we go to the gym and work out, a l of those
7:52 am
machines werenvented by jack lalanne. >> he was the first man to pus that wen start weightlifting. he was iconic. >> heis. >> dhefl was. >> think about all theames of the fness gurus we ve known over the years. he washe first. >> and the sweetest, nicest man. and elaine, we love you. our coolences. >> we're back after your local news. ♪ stay inside? nah. t when you have a five-star overall vehicle score for safe. one mo reason chevy traverse delivermore. ♪
7:53 am
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good morning. it's 7:56 on monday, january 24th. i'm kimberly suiters. we're continuing to follow the breaking news right now in prince george's county, a massive 54-inch water main broke, sending water gushing over the road, it is an aweso sight. you can see some of the which wouldings and cars had significant damage. the inner loop of the beltway is shutwn, bishop mcnamara hig school is delayed two hours because of this. let's get to traffic with jey. >> we' start in virginia with another big problem on the beltway, t outer loop of the beltway had been st at telegraph road, because of an accident. moments ago they allow one travel lane to get by. the outer loop ckup begins before you get to the i-95 springfield interchange so heads upor that. 395 northbound, had an accident at edsel road.
7:57 am
and maryland of course the inner op remains shut down at central enue because of the water main break. the crews are going to be out there most o the day. >> thanks. at water is freezing as it hits the roads. your frigiforecast coming up next. honey nches of oats.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
>> good morning. temperatures still below 10 degrees throughout mostf the region on this monday morning. later today upper 20s to near0 th increasing clouds and then finally above freezing tomorrow, looks like rain o wednesday, changing over to wet snow wednesday night. >> thank you, m. stay with us a morning. an update on the water main break on the beltway in 25 nutes.
8:00 am
they dohat happy hr on the "today" show, but i don't think anyone can drink that much. >> go kathie lee, go kathie lee! >> not good. not good. >> 8:00 on monday morning, the 24th day of januar 2011. it's not a fra party. that was kathie lee gifford doing a keg stand during her appearance with hoda on jay leno's "tonht show" on friday night. they brought the camas along to find out what ppens behind the scenes of that show. we're going to show you what happened i just a little bit. >> looks like her dress is cong undone.
8:01 am
>> meanwhile, out on the plaza on this monday morning, jus a round of applae to all of you people for standin out here. >> no kiddg! >> 6 degrees in new york city and some of these people have been here for hours. >> look how red this gentleman' face is. >> youe chilly, aren't you? >> freezing. >>ppreciate it. people for the lt hour have been out here like this, jumping up and down. thank u again. i'm matt lauer along wh ann curras meredith takes some time off. >> we'll talk about something that everybody has a daughter will want to think is it why is it young gir are focused on pink and princesses. there is a book tt says there is a big movement, effort by companies encrage our daughters to buy into this. she's raing questns about whether or not this may be harmful in terms ofimiting our girls' assessment about what their future may include. >> the title is "cinderella --
8:02 am
>> ate my daughter." >>nd lots of people tryin to sell their homes in this tough mark. barbara cooran has important tips for how to try t move the house faster tn the nex guy. >>lso this morning we have great women in the house talking about beauty and being over 50. a lot of women start woring about losing their looks. i don't ow what you're laughing abt. >> it's hypothermia. >> i know. it is bloody coldut here! >> it is. les go inside to natalie at the news deskith a check of theheadlines. >> good morning, everyone asou heard, frigid temperatures in the eastern half of the country bei blamed for at least two deaths including a woman wh fell in her driveway and froze. w york city shivering through the coldest weather in years. one car w encased in ice after a water main break. mperatures plungedo 40 below
8:03 am
in upstate new york, all of ts after a mth of snowstorms. president obama will focus onobs and debt ruction in the state of e union address tomorrow. in a break withradition many republicans and docrats wl sit together during the address, a gesture of bipartisship. the man charged with woundi congresswoman gabrielle giffor during the mas shooting is expecd to enter a plea in federal court toy. meanwhile cgresswoman giffords who was moved from a tucso hospital is now in intensive care in houston with a build-up of brain fluid. two car bombs went off in karbala killing at least 18 people. the bombings raise new conrn about the ability of iraqi forces to secure their own country as u.s. forces withdraw. american technology may have helped china build its new stealt fighter jet. military officials say parts from an americantealth plane
8:04 am
shot down over serbia in 1999 were foundy farmersnd sold to chinese agents. the parts were taken to china and studied by engineers building the j0 jet. the recession may have a lasting impact on restaurant profits and american waistlines. restaurants reasoned reboundin e way they usually do. experts say sh-strapped americs learned to cook at home and found it helped them save money and lose weight. theris a good thing there. a spectacular crash in canada caut on tape by a driver who was nearly killed. look a the truck smash through the dividernto oncoming traffic. the wreckage hurtled past another driver who installed a dash cam after a preous accide. th trucker was charged with hazardous driving. unbelievable video there to see that. it is 8:04 now. let's go back outside to mt and ann. that driver has to be counting thei blessin today. that was close. all ght, natalie.
8:05 am
>> the good news eventual. maybe april, may or somethi like that. yeah, it's really cold. but some very warm andappy ne. i nt to share with you guys we've got breaking news, today exclusiv vicki and andy from ames, iowa. >> we're expting our third child. we want to announce to our sons in advance, you're going to be bigbrothers. >> wonderful news. congratulations to you. we have a cold morning here in new york city. cold across the east. what's going to happen in temple, texas, our today's pick. it's not so bad, , partly cloudy. and we'll call it on the cool side. lots going on on the map. we have col arctic high in the
8:06 am
northeast, you've got that storm brewing across the guloast bringing heavy rain. the southwest, southern cafornia looking great. 75 in l.a., a chance of showers in the nohwest. here's what you can expect. >> at8:06 on monday morning, still frigid. we are in the single digits throughout most of the region. most of virginia and maryland, district of columbia milr near the tomac and near the bay. out in the mountains near zero. later today in the 20so nr 30 and then tomorrow finally getting above freing with quite ait of cloudiness. then on wednesday looks like rain from e morning to the afternoon, then wnesday night it may change over to some wet snow before ending late wednesday night. matt, over to you. >> maria, thankou very much. when w come back, it's the girly girl culture -- you know, all things pink and princess. is it sending your little gir the wrong message? 're going to talk about that ter these messages. [ male announcer ] pizza hut's got a big idea for dinner on monday --
8:07 am
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8:10 am
ba now at 8:09. this morning on "today's moms" a pink backlash. you have a young daughter you know mos little girls love anything tt has t do with princesses and sparkles and the color pink. but wh like all mothers, peggy want it is world for her daughte daisy. >> y want to raise your daughter s she doesn't think she can't do anything because she's a girl. >> reporter: daisy has dreams, too. >> i want to be a librarian. i want to own a bakery because i like making pastry >> reporter: butpeggy, author of a new book called "cinderella ate my daughter" became concerned about the pink storm heed for her daughter, so she d some research.
8:11 am
>> we live in a time thathere is an unprecedented level of marketing of these products to littler and littler a littler girls. i staed digging into it and i arted lookingt this girl culture that was becoming more pervasive and youer that was sort of telling girls and emphasizing to them appearance. >> reporter: but pink, princess and srkles sell. >> i'd be lying if i told you marketing to girls wasn't big business. it's huge business. >> reporter: americanirl has sold nearly $20 million since enteng the scene since 1986. barbie is a $3 billion brand. dora, $11 billionnd the disney prcess collection earned $4 billion in 2009. >> what we aim to do is to inspire or evoke som kin of emotion or create a demand for a product or service that we hop is enjoyed by the consumer. >> reporter: has the girly girl phenomenon crossed the line?
8:12 am
>> the is nothing wrong with having a daughter who loves princesses, plays with dolls or los pink. it's about badening her life and making sure she knows she can still playith dolls and become a president, a scientist, a loving moth. >> i guess what i want for daisy is -- the sky's the limit. i wt her to find her real happily ever after. >> joining us now is peggy orenstein, the author of "cinderella ate my daughte daughter: dispatches from the front line of the new girly girl culture." she'soined by psychotherast and relationship expert stacy kaer. good morning to you both. what, from all of your research, t is the most alarming thing aut the girl culture? >> i guess that it's getting younger and for girls younger and younger down into 2, 3, 4 years old we aralking about emphasizingeauty and play
8:13 am
sexiness. so when we were little you probably got your first bonnie belle lipsmackers at, what, 12 years old? now girls have a full array at 4. is that okay? maybe. but when you're talking about lip smaers at 4, america's top model at 9 and keeping up with the kdashians at 10. you know, it startto be a lot of pressure to be sexy. i don't think you want your 4-year-old thinking about bei sexy on any level. >> is there evidence or reason to believe that thi kind of exposure to the princess pink factor actually encourages o causes girls to sexualize earlier or be more xualized? you're making a big leap re. is there evidee for it? this is new, so there isn't a lot of evidencer back. here'shat i can tel you. good parents make good kids and
8:14 am
parents are our greatest role models. it's not just what y say about barbie or princesspink, iet tes way you live your fe. if you are a goo parent and diligent and your kids aren't going to be sexualized too early and they will grow up to be dependent. >> in terms of the sexualization issue we also he what can i be issue which is what you talk about in the book. amid the plethora of pink there is a dirth ofcapes. there are some girl superheroes, more than there was once, but in what way can this limit a girl? >> conct the dots between the obsession with the appearance which narrows and limitsur daughters. ifou are looking at the princesses, i think about the flesh and blo princesses as well. so you think about little princesses and then, say, i don't know, miley, lisay,
8:15 am
selena. when you look at them when they start their careers the all wear therue love waits rings promising to be chaste. in the ely intervie they say,e like to choose clothes moms like we are in nurry to get older. then wham, three months later they are dancing onpoles. you can't make wholesomeness into aarketing gimmick. >> what do mothers and fathers need to do? >> weeed t lock our daughters in a tower. >> you're obvusly being nny. >> as parents what we need to do is know what our value are and work on them with kids. we need to be good role model and talk to yr kids. say, you don't want to be lik miley. that princess is pretty but you don't take apples from stngers. have the conversations and so many parents let their kid
8:16 am
watch tv without teaching them lessons that go with it. >> you can't change the culture. wh you have to do is talk to your daughter. peggy and stacy, thank you so much. coming up xt, we have five ways to sell your home in a lousy market. that's coming up right after this. (jennifer garner) there a lot of beautiful makeup out the to cover up flaws a makskin look pretty but there's e that's so clever, it makes your skin lk better even after you take it off. neutrogena hethy kin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvemen in their skin's natural texture, tone, clarity. does your makeup do that? neutrona® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologis.
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[ ucus ] new advil congestion relief e right sinus medicine for the real problem.
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♪ we're back now at 8:19. thisorning on "today's real estate five smart ways to sell your home in a lousy market. 2010 was theorst year for sales of previously own homes in over a decade, but there is a silver lining. barbara, good morning. >> good morning,matt. >> silver lining is decber was good. the year was bad but it ended on a hi note. >> no on expted december to be so good. what happened in december we sold 12% mor homes than any other time in the year.
8:20 am
that nev happens in december. >> you have five great suggestions for people looki to sell their homes now. the first one you say is time it ght. right now is not the time to have your home on the market. >> nothing happens i the real estate market uil after super bowl sunday. so sitack and relax. there are no buyers out ther it is a great time if you haven't beenble to sell your home to take it off the market, put it back on in february and most websitesill list it as a brand new listing. >> price your home sely. everybody wants -- the biggest vestment, asset they will have. they want the most for it. u say get there around 10%, 15% below competitive homes. >> cpetitive homes, what they are asking, not sling for. this is no tim to build in wiggle room which is a common sense way peoplapproach it. you won't get the wiggle room. cide what youan live with and price it there. >> if you put a price on the home and it sells instantly you
8:21 am
will be haunted by the fact that you could get more. >> it will drive you crazy, but it's not a bad asondering why e home never sold. >> the next one is really good. get annspection of the home before you list it. >> get the skeletons out of your closet before the buyer does. tw out of three deals that buyers walk away from i because ofhe home inspection. th go back and renegotiate the deal. if you get the home inspection do up front you have a chance to fix it and it won't get in the way of thesale. >> y want potentia sellers to offer financial incentives up front. >>eople don't do it. they wait for thenegotiation, say, oh, by the wa i'll throw in the closing costs to sweeten the deal, but you are better off advertising it up front as no closing costs. put the incentives on the front side. >> final you say to wage wa line. why is the interne a valuable tool? >> everyone goes online to find a ho. if you home doesn't loo good onlinehey won't come see it. having phemenal pictures
8:22 am
online if you can afford a local photrapher who -- >> wha does that generally cost? >> $300 to 00. they turnouses out quickly and the beauty is you have the curb appeal t compete withvery other home out there. >> finally you say if you are gog to spend money to help sell the home spend it on t three key spaces. >> of cour. the key key spaces, number one is the kitchen. surface improvements. number two is the living room and number three is the front facade of the house. >> when they drive up the first thing theyee is aealing to the eye. >> real estate has less to d with the hd and logic and erything to do with the emotion. if you can hook themn when they drivep you have a better chance. try not to open the door and say, good morning, sucker. thanks, barbara. you n find more tips on our website, here's ann. >> now let's go toort myers,
8:23 am
florid for a check with willardscott. >> good old smuckers, orville, ohio happy birthday to our buddies this morning. we have a lovely lady, lila may mays. retired teacher loves to talk about herstudents. all the years she taught school. take a look at walter sommers om ste, ohio. lives with his daughter. he does all the handy man work around the house. can't beat that. we have los geles, california, 107, jeanne hoffman. third time she tried to get on the store. los "st. elsewhere." >> from florida ike newcomer liketo shoot pool with his
8:24 am
buddies. does it at least once a week. love the name, odell ivy. two-time cance survivor. still likes to mow his own grass. how out that. netta torluc. volunteered at the hospital in the area wherehey sell flowers and things for 30 years. now an and matt. >> we want to mention tha we have had quite a loss -- willard had a loss. talking about nancy fields who worked with himor so my years. she started here in 1951, lef in 2006. worked 55 year a great woman. >> what do you member about her, willard? she was wonderful. >>om brokaw said it best. nbc can survive whout himr the rt of the news division,
8:25 am
bunot nancy fields. she was a incredibly efficient person, incredibly clever with gettin things do. one time on the phone i called her and she had a lot of phones ringing in the office. she said, willard, i think new yorks on hold. >> she always had amile on her face. ch wonderful things to say for everyone. nancy fields, again, startin as an intern working 50-something ars here at nbc. our condolences. >> shetarted withhowdy-doody and ended up with me. >> she loved working with you. i know that. thank yoso much. >> everybody loved nancy. god bles rest in peace. >>e're back after your local ne.
8:26 am
8:26 is yr time on this monday, january 24th. good morning. i'm eunyang. following breaking news o of prince grge's county. a massive 54-inch water main broke sending waterushing and leaving aath of destruction. shop mcnama high school is closedus of this break. school leaders thought they coul open late but water officials say theuilding will not have water. the school isclosed. the same for renaissance christian hool in suitland. you can see buildings and cars d significant dage. the inner loop of the beltway is shut down let's go to jry edwards with an update on traffic. good morning. >> absolutely incredible what's going on out there.
8:27 am
inner loop shut down obviously, detours off to central avenu and there's a fairly easy work around bought backup associated witht. stay away from that stretch of the beltway. a beltway probl on the beltw in virginia with an accident. on the outer loop at telegraph road, cared but we're bacd up to springfield. >> thank you. we're going toake a quick break and check the forast en we come back. host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more car insurance? was abe lincn honest? mary: does this dress make my backsi look big? abe: perhaps... save y fifteen percent or more on car insurance?ally host: is having a snowballight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe thisas a bad idea.
8:28 am
seven years o, i had thisdea. toake baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the st organic baby food. in a business like os, personal conctions are somportant. we use our american express open gold ca to further the connections. last year we took dozens of trips using memberip rewards points to meet with the farmers tha grow our sweoes anmerchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 sres to 7,500. booming is using points to make nnections that grow your business.
8:29 am
>> frigid today, wmer
8:30 am
8:30 now on a mday morning, the 24th day o january, 2011. forget the coffee. you need help waking up this morning, jt step outside. it's bracing out there. much othe nation dealing with brutal cold, especially her in the east smacks you in the face as soon as you walk out the door. 6 degree out there in rockefeller plaza. it's a tough morning to get out and about. >> you may want to stay inside.
8:31 am
>> just ahead, we'll find beauty and confidences we ag doesn't that sound good? sounds great. we he actress and mom susan st. james ebersolere for those who fear their best beauty days e behind them. we'll get advice coming up. looking at her, fear no more. >> and a makeover for the much maligned mivan. al likes hisnd he had to dig it out of december's snowstorm. ile they are
8:32 am
good morning guys. it's bitterly cold much of the eastern half of the country in this arcticirass grip look at what we can expect. we see hhs in the teensnd much of t northeast wing up to temperatures that were below ro. meanwhile our southern system beginning to take shape. showers and thunderstorms, potentially hea rain alonghe central lf coast. nice across the southwest. tomorrow things begin to get interesting,e have heavy rain across the southeas it's going to start interacting with colder
8:33 am
air, we could see snow in northern mississippi, tennessee valley, that'shat we're going to watch for wedsday to thursday to move up t east coast. that's a look at the weather ross the country. here's what you can expe. >> a frigid monday. i'm tom kiern. still the single digits to low teens throughoutost of the area. later toda we'll climb in the upper 20s to near 30 with increasing clouds. might get frries late this afternoon and tonight. then abovereezing tomorrow afternoon, for a time it looks like it will stay above freezing tuday night into wednesday when precipitation arrives in the form of rain. but it may change over to a brieferiod of wet snow before enng wednesday nig. matt back to you. >> all right. thank u very much. up next, actress and mom susan st. james ersol on finding beauty and confidence at 50 and beyond. but first th is "today" on
8:34 am
8:35 am
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this morning on "today's beauty," finding confince and beauty at 50 and beyond. if y are worried abo hit ago big birthday mistone, don't worry. we he susan st.ames ebersol, wife, mom, emmy-wning actress and humanitarian here along with her frien and "today" beauty contributor bobbi brown. how ol i thi this is great. first of all, let's get this out on the table. -- >> they ve more magazine which i love butit'sbout 40 and two months. they need one called "eve more." ven evenmore". >> you say we need to reshape some of ourialogue about this issue. >> bbi and i hangut and talk. she says, what are you going to ? this is what my age group talks about a lot. actually much younger. are you going to do surgery,
8:37 am
botox, restin or fillers? i'm like, when i was 17, 18, 2 when i started in film, we were the generation. i'm the first crash of baby boom thatsaid, we're not wearing false eyelashes. we'll keep our names. >> you were a hippy. i was a hippy, too. so why wouldt i tralate that to the e ofy beauty years. >> it's tough. >> it is tough. >> you're in the middle. >> yes. my mother is 95. >> we have a photograph of you moer and your sister, i thin in addition in this picture. >> look at that. her wrinkles are, like, gorgeous. let's get back to whyit's tough. so many women hang onto our sense of self. the world constantly puts us in a box to be pretty, sexy. it is tough. >> may i ask, have you actually done -- >> i hav never done surgery. i did box once which i kind of
8:38 am
liked r my forehead so it didn't look like i was frowning. but you have t do it all the time. then iate my lips, you know but i told bobbi, i thinkhe trick is -- >> you c't do yr lips you can't. >> if we were born withhin ps, wear a good lipstick. wear a nude lipstick. it's so important for me bause susan is 10 years older. it's important f me to have a ro model. how cool is she? i go to her party and she's wearing jeans with holes and a blac sweater and she's comfortable. to me, that's a beautiful woman. >> how dyou do it? i'm on bobbi's side on this. you look fantastic. >> being on the thin side is good. i wasn't. that w great for my face, but being on the thin side you look better in clothes. so i cut back. i do a lot of ga. and a little bit of weights because ofhe bones. i stopped taking all the bone stuff, too. i just have to belie that my
8:39 am
mom has never done athing and she' feeling fabulous. you ow, i like to do that but you have to -- you ow, jane fonda is a friend and she said she got tired of looking tid and wanted to do stuff. god bless her, she works in film all the time. i don't. i'm not working. if you're working there is more pressure >> but the point he ishat evything you just said was about health. it was about takingare of yourself, bng healthy, yoga, breathin being relaxed. >> 's taking care of what's on in inside so you're beaiful on the outside. >> after a certain age tell this to women all the time. op worrying about what y don't like abo your face. fix what you don't like about your body. 's not too late to get muscles, get lean a health it's hard bause so many wen my age and younger look at the actresses d a lot of actresses have started toipe away their faces and a l ofmazing actresses arenot. annette bening, amazing. >> youay wipe away with
8:40 am
surgery? >> filling in and -- so for us there iso good role model to lk at a woman. we are supposed to he lines on our face. it's a strule. i have gray hair come in and i'm struggling -- >> you canolor your hair. my hair is white. i have been coloring my hair since 25. i don't understand who invented this new tv system. i'm sorry. >> hd. >> we can't change that. >> it was not a won. >> wean't change that. >> okay. let's talk about what's on the outside. wealked about the inside. but the outside, because that's your job. >> it is. >> youocus on helping us look better. >> you don't want to look tired. you want to plp up your skin. that's portant. >> you plump it upith a moturizer. >> in the mountains isked bobbi because it's so dry and this balm -- >> no no. we don't do commercia here.
8:41 am
>> it's about strong, thick -- >> you need something thick. >> you want something a little bit gooey t plump up the in. a cream blush instead of powder. and you need to smile. there are no wrinkles on cheeks. >> what's nice abo the cream is it's not as drying >> a little life so you don't look like they put you in the funeral home. >> your eyes a just -- >> black eyeliner, mascara makes your eyes pop. >> filling in the brows. as we age you lose finition. so define your eyes. you want t plump upour skin, define your eyes, pop your cheeks for lor. and then -- >> with makeup i find with my skin, as mst as i canake it, too much makeup sinks in. >> tintedoisturizer isreat for womenf a certain age. >> it's not as thick as foundation. it has col to it. >> it sinks in a little, too. >> you want things that go out
8:42 am
noin. things with moisture will plump and go out. >> you know it sounds as though there is a kind of in addition to fixing physically on the inside and worrying about making sure that things are taken care of on the outside in terms of a naturamakeup lift it's also about what's in your head. that's what you have been an example of this morning. hang this strong sense of who you are a not let -- >> where you are w, not where you were. wher you are today. >> you still loo like 20, 30 years ago today. >> leona cohen has aong and the li is ring the bells that stil can ring. i think that's it. accent the positive. go with the stuff that works. you know? >> thank you. >> don't look for the old stf. >> what a pleasure. susast. james ebersol and bobbi brown, thank you very much. coming u next, a hrty one-pot meal to warm up your family on a cold day like this. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
we'reack at 8:44. is morning on "today's kitchen," back to basics. we are warng up with braised beef. it's not expensive and it's filled with flavor. one pot feed it is mily. lydia is herith secrets to  making a hearty winter meal good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning, matt. this is not a ml for a 90egree day, but super bowl sunday. >> this is it. u can feed a gup of 20 nice and easy and it'sot many ingredien ingredients. lots of onions, se bacon. you make the pistara. it means toeat in italian. this is, in this case, onions and bacon, panchet ta.
8:46 am
here we have a butiful piece of flat on. >> what's theut called? >> flat iron. it's shoulder. uslly you get the top round -- >> don't show mehat. that's ne. >> just in ca. i don't want you to get misdirected here. >> okay. so this is a flat iron cut of beef. >> y flour it, salt it, put it in thean like this and work right the pan. >> actually this is cooking two separate ways. 's braising first and boiling second. >> braising is all about that. it's really the diffent part. here we e forming some caramelization. getting it all in layers of flavor. once we have that caramelized, le meower it a little like this. then you begin the braising. in this case, iut some thyme
8:47 am
and beer and stk. >> now, beer, that's obviously what gets a lot of people's attention in this. so anyarticular kind of beer work better for this dish than others? >> when you braise, a light beer is better. >> not ale. >> not ale. a light beer because you want the beer flavor. you want the alcohol sort of to cook the me, but you don't want a lot of the nuttiness. if you use a heavy beer it becomes bitter at the end. >> and overpowers the bf a littlebit. >> exactl this you let simm. put some stock because this will cook for about three hours. >> this is beef stock? >> no, chicken. chicken, beef, do whaver you like. you put it right on like this. >> did you say three hos? >> three hours. it cooks slowly, slly. that's what good braising is about. you se what happens, matt, firsof all you get the meat.
8:48 am
okay? now cooking is came industhemis >> right. >> so the juices of the meat come out into the liquid. then slowly once that happens it all goes back into the meat. specifically when you braise if you let it rest, so this a great dish to do a day before. >> we would cover this now for several hours. >> solutely. in a little bit, this is kind of a chutney. cooked appl. >> but with hoeradish. this is a bitter root vegetable. at are the tips for using that? it has a powerful taste. >> it's like wasabi. it's in the family. like turnips and all of that. it's great. >> less is more? >> no, no. you want lots of is. look at this. you know you usually buy it f cocktail sauce and vinegar. you can grate it like this. taste it. >> that's got someick to it. >> yeah but this is really -- if you
8:49 am
have- it clears your sinuses and erything. >> you're mixing it with apple. you cook it down? >> cook the apple down with just a little bit of water, just a little bit of salt. i will put -- just to bind it, just a touch of cream. and, you know, if you don'tant to, you don't have to. it goes great together. >> let's pretend you have done that already. i will mee you around the back. you like potatoes and swiss chard with the braised beef. >> i grew up on it. i loveit. and it's available year round. tritionally very sound. yoput it in the pan. potatoes, water -- peel the potatoes. halfway co them, throw in the swiss chard, drain it, glic and oil and you've gotit. this is at i'm saying about this cut of me. it has the cartilage there. do you want me to serve you a ttle bit? >> i will te a bite with a
8:50 am
fork. >> get the potatoes ithis. you likeit? >> first of all, it's incredibly tender. >> yeah. the cartila in there, it's finger sticking good. you have aamily maea like that. >> you can serve it with great crunchy bread, more beer ohe si. this is like the meal the crew loves in the morning. braised doughnuts andbeer. we havthat a lot. >> i was looking in the back there. this is lunch for them. >> they will comen here in a second. that won't b touched. this will be gone. lydia, good to s you. thank you so much. >> enjoy you super bowl suay. >> i will. >> are you going to make this? >> no. i'm stealing yours. up ne, the new way to make minivans cool. but rst this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
theyre among the most mocked vehicles on the road but automakers aren a crusade to make the minivan something it's never been before -- cool. here's jan shamlian. >> repter: even though they are all over suburbia, the minivan has lon had an image problem. >> tell me what comes to mind when i say mivan. >> soccer mom.
8:53 am
let's see, not cool. frum. >> reporter: many who buy them and drive them say they don't love them. >> they're just not good-looking cars. >> reporte they have been called the sweatpants of the car world. very actical, very comfortable, but no points whatsoever for style. now new campaign by rmakers to change the image othe mom mobile. ♪ yeah, this one goes to the minivan families o there ♪ >> reporter: toyota's campaign features a viral vid. a hip couple raing about their minivan. ♪ the swagger wagon >> reporter: the ads may be workin >> it's lower, right? >> reporter: both toyota and honda report sales a up. yet nowhere near where they were in t '80s. they are just 4% of car sales today. >> nothing transports people and cargo better than a mivan.
8:54 am
>> reporter: kristin disked it so mh she titled her parenting blog rage against t minivan. all right, guys.eporter: findi with four young children she did the unthinkable, she bought one. >> reporter: what do you think? >> the truth is it's fine. having a minivan has not my life in any significant way other than a small h to the pride and mor mobility. >> reporter: she says she may have surrended to cessity, but is not buying the car company hype. >> i'm under no illusion that this car is or ever will be cool. i am notoing to get catcalls in this car. no that i was bere. >> reporter: recasting the car some have fectionately called the ler cruiser as the minivan strives to be hip. for "day," janet shamlian, nbc news, california. >> do you have a minivan? >> no. i wanted e. my husband didn't.
8:55 am
>> wouldn't let you get one? >> no. >>it's like the decisiowhen you have a kid. suv or miniv and the suv isn't a gre thing environmentally. the miniv is -- a minivan. >> it's so practical. >>s it better enronmentally? >> betterhan suvs, i think. >> needs an image makeover. >> right. just ahead, sevenays to never run out of money. we'll get to the bottom of that and a lot more. >>fter your local ws and weather.
8:56 am
8:55 is yr time on this monday, january 24th, 2011 good morning. i'm eun yang toppinnews, we're following breaking news out ofrince george's county, a massive water main break has broken. main has broken caung probls on and around the ltway. tracee wilkins is live on the scene with more on thi story. good morni to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is where this water main break happene here, and there are people cing by even as i'm speaking to you. reacting to this amazing damage. you can see that those vicles there, it looks like thewere actually blown intohe air ter this water main break happened sholy around 4:00 a.m. yolook over to the left, you casee the damage did to the building here as we. wssc, maryland state highy, they are all on the scene trying to figure out a way to stop thi water from rushing. this is the water that made its
8:57 am
way on the beltway. they areorking to reopen the beltway at this time. live in capital hilts, back to u in the studio. >> incredible video. ank you. and we'll see h this affects your commute and your forecast after this break. with fios, when you're watching the picture,t just jumps out at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisio don't get any easier than this.
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noyou can move up to fios tv, inrnet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a ye with no term contract required [ mr. donovan ] we have more choices. so many more hi-dechannels. with fios, i really el like we're getting a great deal. [ male announcer ] call now and we'll include a multi-room dvr free f 12 months. record a show in o room. watch it in up to x other rooms. [ mrs. baltin ] fios dvr is very easy. even i can do it. even he can it. [ male announcer ] fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, with hd picture quality rated #1 by chgewave research, plushe fastest internet in the u.s switching to fios was the best thing we've done in a long time. and my wife reminds me of that ofn. [ male announcer ] don't wait. get fios tv, internet and phone for this great price plus a multi-room dvr free for 12 months. call 1.888.818.fios. call the vizon center for customers with disilities that's 1.888.818.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a twork ahead.
8:59 am
>> below freezing today, warmer tomorrow, rain changing to snow on wednesday. jerry? >> new york avenue heavy and slow, headed into
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on monday morning, t 24th of january, 2011. bitter cold. that's on overus expression, but we mean it today. it's about 6 or 7 degrees in new york city. colder as you go north of here. below zero in many places. you know what, just grin and bear it. it's supposed to get better in the next 24ours or . i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and tamron hall. more on the cold gripping folks from pennsylvania to new england. dealing with below zero temperatures today. parts of upstate new york, minus degrees today. take a look at cameron' car in
9:01 am
lower manhattan. >> i shod have moved it. >> you don't go with alternate side of the street parking, that's what happens. >> i saw two construction workers this morning and they both -- bigurly guys screaming. really? u can handle th. >> it means spring is coming eventually. coming up, something that most of us would lov to know. seven ways to never run outf money. sounds good. if you plan ahead there are steps y can take to mak sure your cash keeps flowing to afford a college education and retirement. the key is to srt early. we have the tips coming up. >> and more real estate questions answered. we'll tell you whas realistic in today's housing market. if you a one of the women who hates having curly hair and you're aays blowing it straight, i was talking to hoda about this. we'll lp you surrender the flat iron and embrace the curls.
9:02 am
that's really not curly, curly, more wavy, but we'll look into it. >> myaughter has wavy hair and i tnk it's a good thing. >> this is a hair chat tennis match. let's go to the news desk with natalie. she has the heaines of the da good morning. >> il save y from the girly stuff. much of the country is svering through freezing temperatures, braving the chl in central park. heren new york iseter alexander. good morning to you. lucky guy. >> reporter: good morning. thiss a scorcher and by that i mean my toes are freezing. the temperature in new york's central park is 6 degrees. thiss the coldest st in the city and the coldest day here in two years. it's balmy cpared to the northeast. as youoted in adirondacks nowhe temperature has dipped to 36 below zero. that's not including wind chills. welcome tohereat american ice box.
9:03 am
these are not your fair weather fans. inhicago where the bears and ckers faced off and wind chills were in the single digits, tailgaters tried t ignore the thermostat. >> i have on four layers. it's getting colder by the second, i swear. >> reporter: in pittsburghsame stor different city. the fiery jets and steeler showdown left little heat for those in t stands. it's not just cold. it's painful and it will get worse todawith more than half the country suffering through biting winds and below average temperatures the wind chills will bso low that if yohave exposed flesh you could gefrostbite in as little as ten minutes. frozen roads made driving dangerous and an icy highway caused this tractotrailer crash saturd in ontario, canada. amazingly, no e was hurt. in ohio where the mercury dropped to 11 degrees belozero sunday, a beach volleyball event
9:04 am
where plays lost their shis and arguably tir minds. in minneapolis, this boy scout troop braved t cold overnight in snow caves, a for a coveted patch. >> stay dry, stawarm, stay hydrat. >> reporter: all this cold on top of all that snow. five storms in the northeast i the last month alone with yet another one focast this week. >> i can't take no more. i can't. no more snow. no more snow. >> reporter: i know you he seen this before, but you think you're having a bad morning? imagine being the owner of this car here in new york city. there was a believed water main brea you can see exactly what happened overnight. the thing is being referred to as the icicle audi model, the ice car that belongs to tamron hall. we'llet it outn april, tamron. i'm just afraid the squirrels areooking at me funny in this hat. beyond that wre fine. >> peter alexander in central
9:05 am
park, thank you very much. e woman suspected o kidnappingn infan 23 years ago has surrendered to pole in conneccut. n pettway appearsn federal court to face kidnapping charges in the kidnapping ofr lcarlina white. white discovered her true identi on a missing persons database. there was a deadly shooting in a washingn state walmart. two sherifs deputies were wounded inhe crossfire. witnesses say the gunman opened fire after deputies approached to speak with him. five americans are back on dry land today after their boat disappred in the central philippines sparking an international sech effort. the 38-foot catamaran hit stoy seas near guam this month and was reported missing whent failed to each its destination on time. a lakeside community was evacuated aftea series of
9:06 am
fires caused b a natural gas line. the red cross set up temporary housing. the u.s. postal service wil close as many as 2,000 post offices beginning in march. they reported $8.5 billion in loss last year. the average price of a fa gaon of gas has gone up to $3.11 according to aaa, up 4 cents from a yea ago. fitness autrition pionee jack lalanne died sunday at his home in california. he urged people to getff the uch and get moving. his televised workout show ran for ree decade jack lalanne was 96ears old. and "no strgs attached" took the top st at the box office. "the green hornet" flew io the second spot and "the dilemma" was third. good time to go to t movies.
9:07 am
good morning. we're here with a hardy owd, getting used the cold temperatures. thankfully w won't have to get used to them much longer. the coldest morning now across the northeast. as youook at current temperatures we're in the single digitsn many areas started off below zero. you factor in a little bit of the wind, doesn't make much to add the edge to the air. we have wind chills well below zero inany areas incding albany, 20 below zero. and we look at what we're looking at over the next couple of days. th storm is impacting the south, it's going to move up wednesday, thursy the time ame but a couple o scenarios looking at the mor cities eing accumulating snow but likely change to rain. another possibily is major citi will see mainly snow, maybe mixg with sleet. that's look at the weather. now here's what you can exct. >> stillery cold aroundur
9:08 am
region, past 9:00 on this monday rning. good moing. i'm tom kierein. we're in the teens up from the sile digits. now in the low t mid teens throughout most of the area 21 aationalirport peaking near 30. later tonight we'll stay below freezing into tomorrow with clouds around. maybe flurries. during the day tueay mostly cloudy but warmer. we could get rn during the day on wnesday. after sun set it way change to snow. natalie, bk inside to . thank you, maria. this morning on "today's money" how to keep the cash flowing. everyone would love to he money at tir disposal a t time b that's not realistic for many. if you follosimple steps n you can have enoug cash for retirement. greg dougerty is here from consumer reports and jean
9:09 am
chatzky of course. this is a concept everybody would like to hold onto -- never running out of money. consumer reports polled rears d how did they manage it? we asked 25,000 of our readers over the age of 55 how much money they ha how happy theyere with where they were with their money and what they sh they had done fferently. a big ones when you start and how much you save. thearlier you start the wetter off you are. >> that's right t. fir stip is to live modestly. that's being the number one rule. right? >> so many people speore than they me on a regular basis. it's just not sustainable. if you can get yoursel to save a little bit off t top and just keep yourself under that level of what you're earning you're fine. >> where is it that people are falling when it comes to putting money asideor retirement when comes to that? >> well, w know that at this point, about 50% of all people are going to run out of money in tirement. that's a very, very scarey
9:10 am
statistic. but if they are in the 1-k plan that numberrops to 20%. that the first thing you should do. if you don't have a 401-k available, open an ira, contribute automatically, save first and then spend. >> thas the point, greg, that you make as well. start saving early. sohe earli the better then. >> that's right. a lot of it -- we can't go back in time but start now and try to putway as much as you n. >> contribute the maximum to the 401-k plan. also keeping a dget. jean, this is the nexttask. >> peopl hate thatword. >> the minute you budget you cringe how important is it to live by what you put on paper? >> it's crucial. think about it in terms of planning your spending. think about deciding first how muchou're going to spend o the differen things in your life. how much i going to go to housing. it should be no more than 35%. % for transportation.
9:11 am
you should always save 10%. that leaves about 25% for the rest of your life if you keep to those levels u're fine. >> the mdle age yearsoughly from the 30s to the 50s is the point that you all make is to prioritize retirement over college. can you explain? >> it sounds harsh, but retirement is your numberne priority. even if you arerying to save to put kids through college. contribute to your retirement and thenontribute what you can to colle after tha you don't want to depend on your ki in old age. >> s many of us want kids to go to whatever school they want and we wan to make sureheir college is taken care of. it's hard to put youelf first. >> the roth ira is a good vehicle. you can use theoney for your retirement. you can also pull it out for coege. so if you're not saving enough today, open a roth and start funding that. at least you willeel like you're doing the bestor your
9:12 am
kids and you will figure it out whenou get closer to college. >> and the next point, greg, is to catchup. thats to the point where if you are in your 5s you have time for your retirement. now the time. >> right. a 401-k, as jean mentioned, makes it easy. after 50 contrute an extra $5500 a yea and that's aood way to begin to catch up. >> if youaven't started saving by the time you'ren your 40s, saving 10% wch is what most financial aisers will tell you to do isn't enough. you haveo aim for 15. you have to r yourself thrgh the retirement calculator. you have to see where the hole is and you have to gr up. know that's tough advice, but you're gng to be sorry if you don't. >> absoluly. the next major point is to pay off debt. now what kind of debt are we talking about? >>igh interest rat credit card debt. it's a savings killer. you have big billsvery month. you can't save becse that's sitting on your he. you have to work your way through that highnterest re debt first and then really whale
9:13 am
the savings. >> at the same te you're paying off debt it is important to remember to save what you can. >> absolutely. make se you are doing both at the same time. >> okay. finally, last point is ttime your pay which means sometimes having to work longer int those retirement years. >> exactly. if you c put off taking social securityp to age 70 youet a lot more. you can te it at but it will be low for the rest of the time you're collecting. we found that people just enjoy work for the most part. there is the social aspect, the feeling that you are doing something useful. >> kps you young at heart. >> if y stay in the work force it's good thing for a bunch of reons. >> great to have youn with us. thanks so much. coming upext in oday's real estate" how to get the most from a seller when you buy a home and is skipping a broker a good idea? we'll answer some ofour most ked questions. d ter, tame the frizz for good. we'lshow you how to love your curlafter these messes. can't be simple? card rews
9:14 am
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9:17 am
♪ our house ♪ in the mide of our street. >> thi morning we are answering some of the most urgent questions from selling to staging. today, barbara corcoran is here with expert advice. good to see you. >> goomorning. >> we have a lot of questions. the first is from baron in pittsburgh -- go steers. hi. >> calr: good morning. >> what's your question? >> caller: a i look to buy a house i kee heari to get the most from the seller's assistants. what doeshis mean? >> what a seller's assistance? >> it's a fancy way of sing ask the seller f help. this is how it typically works. say you buy a homeor $100,0 and the closing costs will be $3,000. anthe seller is willing to pay the closin costs which almos every seller is wilng to do. what you do is ask t seller t add the ,000 onto the purchase price so you are able to finance
9:18 am
it as part of e loan. everybody wins. it's a great solution. don't be fooled by the fancy title. is there a downside? >> not really. it's a way toake the wheels get greased and make the deal ppen. >> thank you very much. next u is kathy from kansas city, missouri, joining usia ske. what's your question >> caller: sinceast ail. -- [ audio eaking up ] >> i think we have lost kathy. maybee'll get her back. leme pull inhis-mail from katie in ft. wayne, indiana. she said, got married in april. my husband deplod and we wi selling my home as soon as he returns. i don't live in a military town. i am n to the lifestyle so i need help selling my home. first, thanks to you husband for his service.
9:19 am
>> the best thing you can do is go on two websites. there are a few out there. the most active ones are d whthese are great is theare only openo mitary families they help you sell the house. th charge 5 to $80 to list the house. april around the corner. you don't have a lot of time. i'd get going on it. >>he doesn't live in a military town where you may have people frequently movin in and out. >> also, those particular sites will accommodate anyone in the litary. so it's another way of listing your home to a person who really wants to missouri. >> - move. >>let's get to danielle from west virginia. >> caller: good morning. my husband and i have had our house on the market for about a year now. we were wondering if we should si another contract with the realtor or try to sell by oer where we couldake a lower offer. >> what should she consider? >> anyone can sell a house on
9:20 am
their own. that's certainly an tion. you have to bevailable for the showings. that's commonsense. be able to negotiate the price in a nonpassionate way which is hard for owner to do on their own. most importantly, cast wide net to get as man buyers bing on the hook as you can. that said, it's been my experience that often when an owr is trying t save 5%r6% is buyer is looking to save the same 5% to 6% for dealing directly. would say to approach tha with cauon but probably a good 10% of allomes in america are sold direct without brokers. it is certainly an option. >> let's get to tara from new york on the phone. good morning. caller: good morning. husband and i are in a contract on a house. we put 10%own onsigning, but last week our lender appraised the house at $9000 less than e agreed purchase price. we thought it was a good price
9:21 am
but now we're not surehat to do. ouch. >> you're between a rock and a hard place. you have two things to do. either come up with more cash or go back and ask the seller to renegotiate the price. chances are good because the will have the same problem with the next buyer that walks in. >> good luck. thanks forour questions. barba barbara, good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> coming up the woman accused of kidnaing a baby 23 years ago is now in custody. en you realize that depression has left you nhere to go. when you've lost interest in everything. when you've had one too many ys feeling sad oanxious... aches and pains, fatigue. when it becomes hard tignore that you need help. that's the day you do something. depression hurts. cymbalta can help with man symptoms of depression. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, you have unusual changes in behavior or thouts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in chiren, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18.
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people takinmaois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma shou not take cymbalta. takingt with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may inease bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes. talk with your doctor about your dicines, including those for migraine, if you he high fever, confusion anstiff muscles, to address a possible life-teatening conditi. tell your doctor about alcohol use, liver disease, and before you rede or stop taking cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. side effec include nausea,ry mouth, and constipation. is today your day? lk to your doctor... and go to for a free 30-capsule ial offer. depression hurts. cymbalta can help.
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9:25 am
and debbie gibson. why ey are teaming up now. >> that's after your local news and weather. [ male announcer ] some prescription drs may lead to constipation fortunately, there's senokot-tablets. senokot-s for occasional constipation
9:26 am
associated with certain medations. save $3 right now. go to 9:26 is yourime on this monday, january 24, 2011. good morning. i'm eun yang. we're following breakg news out of prie george's county. a massive 54-inc water main eak led to a number of closures it aears the water pushed sever vehicles in th air and damag nearby businesses as well beuse of this andrews a force base h reduced its operations, essential military personnel must report. non-emergey employees are excused from work. bishop mcnamara closed today. the inner loop of the btway is shut down. let'go to jerry for t latest on the impact. >> yes, the inner loop remains closed all trafficdetoured off
9:27 am
on central avenue, follow the detour there is. outer loop is open in virgin along 395 still heavy, duke street most of the way to the 14th street bridge. >> we'll comback with your forecast.
9:28 am
still cold. one more abnormally colday, then warm-up morrow. we're still in the teens in most of the area. later today climbing in the upper 20s to near 30 with increasing cloudsthen down in the 20s tonight and then tomorrow above freezing in the low 40s by afternoon. stly cloudy looks like rain durg the daylight hours wednesday, ending as a period of wetnow
9:29 am
wednesday night. then drying out on thursday eun. >> thank you. stay with news 4 for the latest onhis beltway water main break.
9:30 am
in here, it's better if we are equals. if we weren't, i wouldn't be here. i'd be at home with m wife and no one would give a damn. >> pleas don't do that. >> col firth walked away with the gden globe for his performance in "the king's speech." tomorrow we'll find out if he's no, maminated for an oscar as w as natalie portman for "black swan" and "the socialetwork" which also wonig athe golden globes. we'll have the nominations for yo live tomorrow on "today. meantime, coming u in this half
9:31 am
hour a big development in the kidnapping cold case of a young woma taken from herirth parents 23 yrs ago. now the woman suspected of the crime is under arrest making her first courtppearance today. we'll get the latest on the story. at a hetbreaker. >> it has been, but with a good ending. >> so far. >> if you're one of the women who's been fighting your curls all your life and bw drying your hair straight every day, just say no. we have an expert who is sharing r secrets t making the most of your waves and corkscrews. a lot of women embrace the curls. i have always wanted curls. i'm jealous. >> i know. >> a in "today'skihen" nothin warms you up better than a delicious bowlf mac & cheese. we kick it up wh four differt kinds of mushrooms. >> now wre talking. >> mushrooms and m & cheese. my favorite. >> hen of th woods is a great
9:32 am
kind of mushroom they put in there. >> can you believe i just started eating mushrooms three months ago. m obsessed. >> the segment will be a big deal today maria is inor al and will give us a check of the weher. nice to have you here. >> thank you very mu for having me. and we are continuing to see that cold weather reall be a factor in what's comingup. you can see look to the uth, you see gre on the rada that's our southern system that will be taking shape over the next few days likely bringing wintry weather across the mid-atlanticnd the northeast. right now today it's going to bring showers and tnderstorms to the central gulf coast, meanwhile arctic cold acrs the northeast and snow showers in the great lakes. the ace to be across the soutest, warm andunshine and wee got showers in the pacific northwest. that's a loo at the weather across the country. here's a look at what you can expect. >> good morning. stl frigid. we started out in the single digits, now it's back in the tes. and we don't have any wind so at least you don't he to deal with the wind chill.
9:33 am
it's near 20 in washington and by the bay. later to near 30 increasg clouds and mostly cloudy tonight down i the 20s again. warming above fezing tomorrow afternoon and mostly cudy. oks like rain likely during the daylight hours. may enas snow wednesday night. ann, back to you. >> tnk you very much. what do you get when y mix two very real '80s pop princesse with special effects, pythons and huge gators? that'shat we'll find out when we see tiffany and debbie gson starn sci-fi's "mega python versus gator." aren't you shivering in tt beautifudress? >> tv studios have no seass. >> you right. >> we got the memo on the color scheme. we're all ordinated. >> exactly. that's from lisa rinna's store.
9:34 am
i love her. >> now tt we have hadhe girl chat let's tal about the movie. >> i know tiffany, youtarred in a mie before. >> i did. "mega piranha" and she did "mega shark." so we have it cored. >> she started it. i followed up. >> these are campy -- >> we're not doing shakpeare. >> millions of people watch these. >> i thinkeople are stressed out enough. th want good-o fashioned escapism. this is li gather the family on a saturday night. >> oh! yeah! >>he family. >> ah! >> i hate when that happens. >> this is so excitg to see more >> we get to see thole thing tonight. >> really? okay. >> there is a fight scene, i derstand. >> yeah. >> there is a mean catfight, yes. >> some '80s angst cing out
9:35 am
there? >> oh, ah. >> there it is! >> love it. >> i wanted those shoes. >> there you are in hot dresses. why not? >> we get into fd groups after this. >> imagine the chaenge for the cameraman. >> no! >> kids, lve the room. >> did youeave bruises? really >> no, no. >> i'm a hug sci-fi fan. this was a dream come true. >> do you like it on talk soup? >> i love it. i'm an any press is gd press girl. >> i love him. >> it's a compliment. you know, pop culture should be fun. not take ielf seriously. we never did. we're having fun with people's
9:36 am
fantasy of what the rivalry was and we're playing it out in this crazy movie. >> i hear you had a sold out concert th weekend. >> we did. we sang togher for t first time ever. two shows back to back. it was so muchfun. >> bringing the '80s back. i ve it. >> i feel so old. >> i don't know about you guys. >> thank you so much, tiffany and debb gibson. it's "mega python versus gatoroid." it premier saturday, january 29th. coming up next we're talking abt after 23 yrs an arrest in the kidnapping of a newborn who's been rnited wither real family. that's coming up after this. kat. what was i thinkg? but i was still skating on thin ice with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet d exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i' been eating healthier, exercisingore and now i'm also taking lipitor.
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9:40 am
is arrested. tom yamouth has the lates for us. hi, tom. >> reporter: a pettway will appear icourt later today. as the fbi a nypd were looking for her she turned herself in. officials beeve she kidnapped carlina white 23ears ago from a new york hospital. the questions if sheid do it, how and why? this exclusive video shows ann pettway in custody leang the fbi's office ibridgeport, connecticut. federal authoritiesay pettway kidnped carlina white from harlem hospital 1987 when white was justn infant. on saturday, police say pettway was spotted trying to sell ims at this idgeport pawnshop. >> she was recognized by a clerk. he made a call to us and the detectives responded to th locati. >> rorter: pettway, who is 44, turned herself in on sunday. she's wanted for baking
9:41 am
probation north carolina. pettway sappeared after ws oke that the woman she called her daughter, nejdra nance, was really carlina white. >> thehole family believed that ann was neja's mother. there was ver no questions about it. >> reporr: relatives sayhey remember seeing pettway pregnant all those years ago but mit but no one saw her ge birth to nejdra. the facts en't known but tre is a profile for baby snatchers. the profile of a baby snatcher is normally a woman who has recently lost a child, h a fantasy abt being a mothernd has not been able to achievet. it may be someone who's faked a pregnancy for seve eight, nine months and needs to produce the proof of the pregnancy. >> reporter: for more than two cades carl tyson and joy white had no ideahat happened to thr daughter. >> i think the lady cea's scare bring the baby in beuse she
9:42 am
thinks maybe we'll press charges. righnow, i won't press charges. bring the baby. >> reporter: dnaonfirmed carlina's tr identity and she reunited with her biological mother and father. carlina id she long suspected ttway wasn't her real mother because she couldn't produce a birth certificate. carlina said she searched online and und a photo of a missing baby that looked like her own daughter. it helpe solve t mystery of her life and expts say the prosecutors have a strong case. >> though this h been over a 20-year cold case for the authorities we have dna idence. we have e statements of relatives basically going back from the time the litt girl disappeared from the hospital. so i don't think this is going to be hard to put together at l. >> reporter: today in court prosecutors may reveal what idence they have against ann pettway, sething they don't have is surveillance video on that day back in august of 1987 the surveillance cameras inside harlem hpital were not working. ann?
9:43 am
>> coming up ne, expert advice on how to help you love your curls. that's cominup after this. [ footsteps apoach ] [ male announcer there are snacks. nd there are better snacks. quaker chewy, 25% less sugar than the leading sweet snacks, no hi fructose corn syrup and the goodness of whole grains. i won't. ♪ [ female announcer ] clear some snow. ♪ or spre a little warmth maxwell house gives you a rich full flared cup of coffee
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9:46 am
this morning on "toy's beauty," embracing your natural beauty. rls can face a wor ofair challenges. lorraine masy salons are for those dealing with curls. good morning. good morning. >> i know you have made this your mission. your salons are for women with curly hair. why is it so important to get the right cut? >> well, first of all it's impoant for them to understan they have curlyair and trust their hair. >> right. a lot of the big fears are thfrizz and the hair cut is the next biggest thing. we tend to cut too much hr off en it's wet. it contracts and expands so dramatically. you will see toda >> you will show u tips of the
9:47 am
trade here. let's start with e beautiful little gretta. she has curly hair. you have one side that you have worked already. this se is dealing with izz. >> yeah. >> what is the frizz? >> frizz is curl waiting to happen. it's dehydrated. when you use shampoo and detergt it's likerinking salt water when you're thirsty. with curly hair use as much moisture as possible. wherever there is frizz it is a curl begging for moistu. what iill do is take your favorite conditione get sing water, half and half to make it to a milky substance. for the curly girl on the go, the teen curly girl we call this spot cleansing. if you don't have much time this will unpk your frizz quickly. as you can see we rolled up this little curl. >> p it. >> justrap it around your little fier, clip it and --
9:48 am
>> when it dries it will dry more conditioned and soft like this. >> right. that fzz ces back ickly, as youan see. >> some shampoos aren't good for cuy hair. >> shampoo really strips curly hair of all of its moisre. we don't hav any moisture to stp to begin with. >> yeah. all right. let's move on over here. we have gorgeous mona with a gorgeous long, long beautiful curly ir. however you will notice around the roo it gets flat. what do you do toift it? >> this could be a second day tric that's the big complaint for girls, second day curl. to get lift at the root, take clips, put a little bit of gel on the clip and go to the root and lift it. >> ok. >> five minutes and you'v got a love little root lift. >> let's see if we can get a close-up to see what you a
9:49 am
doing with the root lift. >> clip and roots. you can lve it for five minutes, let it dry and y will have a lovely lt at the roots. this is great for straight hair, too. not just curl but saight hair. >> if we have straighter hair but get the flatnessou can do the same thing. >> it's really grea >> let's move over to kim. she's going to let you cut her hair live on air. you're going to cut just t bangs. >> right. >> important t do it when the hair is dry? why? >> yes. look how long her hair appears when wet. it shrinks almt six ches. it's better to cut the hair as youee it. right before the twist in the curl. dot make it more complated than it is. >> this is something you can do yourself at home? cu with the curl. >> right.
9:50 am
se nice little bang trim. a little fluff. when you fluff curly hair do it from underath or you create lots of frizz. >> all right. well, there are a lot more pointers in the book, i should mention. it's called "the curlygi." lorraine and ladies, thank you very much for beinghere. appreciate it. thank u. thank you so much. >> up next, a new twist on a family favorite, mac & cheese with mushrooms. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
th morning in "today's kihen" an earthy twist to a favori dish. hot chef sylvan du -- i was goin to get it! i'm sorr he's wild about mushrooms for a new version of macaro and cheese. good morning. i'm going to say it until i get it right. to make this classic american
9:53 am
dish macaroni and cheese you're ing french on us and making a mushroom veute. >> you say say it pretty good. we'll take it to the next level and add wild mushroo to it. finish with fine herbs we'll describe later. >> you have the hen of th ods. >> we have hen of the woods here, shitake, oyster and button mushrooms. th have different textures. i'llxplain later. you wanto start with the button and the myatak mushrooms. they take longer. >> y want tohop them up? >> chop them a little bit smaller to getore flavor out ofhe cream. >> how dyou make the cream? >> heavy cream chopped mushrooms and pour the heavyream with the mushrooms. >> to make it low fat you can use a nonheavy cream? >> you can use aow fat -- even milk would work. >> wouldn't tastes good. >> but good enough.
9:54 am
leit cook out for about ten minutes to g the flavorut of the heavy cream. noyou have this. you have aushroom flavor, heavy cream which is called the veloute. 'll turn it into a bechamel. >> mm-hmm. >>o we have butter that we are going to brown into a brown butter to give nuttiness t the dish. right. >> wre going to pour the flour in. >> and i g to pour this in? can i he? >> of course. >> little by little? >> you geto pour the mushros. >> and the rest of this -- stop me because i -- i will stop you because have only a minute left. it endsp like th. >> we have the bechamel now. we have theushrooms we chopped bigger. >> and then you will pour in the cream. >> pour that cream first. >> tn when you want to build thdish you put the macaroni -- >> like is. >> , now we're talking. >> you have the macaroni, fontina cheese, garlic.
9:55 am
>> shallots. >> chives? >> this is a mix of four herbs. we call it fine herbes. >> we're running out of time. i want to show pple what it looks like. we're going to dig in. >> this the final product. look how butiful it is. >> smells great. thanks for putting up with us. >> thank you very much. thanks for putting up with us. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for this wonderful
9:56 am
oh, i see. a throne for the tv. ro for movies... your workout gr... non-stop footbl... it's a man cave! the boysext door will never leave. who says we wt them to?
9:57 am
taking a live look outside, 25 degrees right now. shaping up to be o of the coldest day of this winter. good morning. 9:57 on monday, january . i'm kimberly suiters. topping news today, breaking news in prince george's county a mastiff water main break h caused andrews air force base t partly close today. mission essential military personnel report but non-emergency employees are excud. al bishop mcnamara high and renaissanc christian schools are closed, this water main broke early this morni on the inner lp of thebeltway, we'll get an update how this is impacting the commute. rst let's head to tom krein with a look at the forecast. frid. frigid in sgle digits so the water fze up. and now is still in the teen near 20 degrees here as we apprch 10:00 in the morning.
9:58 am
later should climb to near 30 and moly cloudy this afternoon and tonight and tomorrow. warmer thankflyn tuesday, wednesda looks like rn in the morning in the afrnoon, then after sunset mayhange tosnow. how's traffic? >> the beltway prince orge's county in the inner loop remains closed even at this hour. everybody forced off onto central avenue noa big backup on the beltway but tough going thrgh northeast by way ofew york avenue, and kenilworth avenue. new york and kenworth are jammed. give yourself a lotf extra travel time. >>hank you, jerry. ming up on ne"news4idday" a water mainreak on the"today" wi
9:59 am
10:00 am
and hoda. >> they do the happy houron the "today" show, but i don't think ey're really dnking. nobody could drink th much. >> go kate lee, go, kathie lee! >> hello,everybody. it's a frigid fun day. 's january 24.
10:01 am
i'm keg stand kathie lee. >> wt kathie lee was doi was called a keg stand. >> i didn know what it was. we had a gorges day in los angeles. itas just beautiful! we went over to do leno. we'll show you in a few minutes. thathole thing with the keg stand, though. they said, we want you guys to do a little skit. we said, all righ what is it? at first hoda s going to do the skit. >> looked athe skit, it said, you go n kaie lees upside down, legs in theair, and in comes chanting. >> youe been in that position before, if you knowhat i'm saying. what was the big deal out doing it on leno? >> i don'tknow. i wa just a little intimidated, so they re going to put somebody in who looked sortof like me. >> she didn't look anything like you. she had a bad w on. i looked at her and said, i know this iyour big break on tv, honey, but n today. >> so kaie lee had her legsn
10:02 am
the air -- >> but i didn't know what a keg stand was. that's the pot. i had no idea i would be straht up. whatou don't know is that i had to do that four times before jagot his part right. >> exactly. we kept walki down the halls. >> these gys who were interns or something, i don't know what they were, their only job wasto hold my ankles. that's it. ask they put that thing in your mouth which you' supposed to beuzzling beer. i wasn't guzzling anything. i was upside down like that, and they coun't even hold me straight so i'm going to the side, they'r pulling me over, and i'm trying to tal the stuff i door a laugh. >> cody, we should point out, was there and was not fan of you being held upside down. >> he said, no, mom, i don't want you dog the keg stand. i said, wt is a keg stand? believe me, mom, you don't want to do it.
10:03 am
i sa, it's for a jo, cody. it's no big deal. jay had to go over and say, come on, cody, let your mom do the keg tand. we had dinner with cody and mike afterwar. cody didt talk to me the rest of the weekend. left l.a. on the red eye last weekend. >> theres more than just that keg stand thaweid on the tonight show. let's watch what j. k. long put togeer for our little adventure. [ music playing ] >> oh, yeah. you're i hollywo, baby. t's go.
10:04 am
>> where is kathie? apparently she's already inking the wine. >> wardrobe people in here, please. son is expected here any minute. what's goingo happen when h gets here and you're fondling me and stuff. >> i would think he would be you'd to it by now. i'm followg you to wardrobe. i'm taking her to wardrobe. >> right here. >>he's up. >> action. >> kathie lee and hoda show up. we're gog to do the happyour on the "today" show, but i n't think ey're really drinking. nobodyan drink that much. >> go, kathie lee! go, kathie lee! go, kathie lee! it's thetonight show with jay leno! >> you are redy, baby. suck i up, push it up, moving itut there, baby!
10:05 am
that's right! >> remember when you were colle? remember the tworazy girl who lived downstairs? here they e, kathie lee and hoda! come on out! [ applause ] >> when is the last time you were held by two men upsi down? >> last night. >> last night. >> we got into town a little lateut i made up for time. >> i understand why you did that show with no makeup. i give you great credit for at. show a clip. >>es, let's do that. >> this is a special noakeup zone admiion of "tod." >> all right hoda, here it is. this is us. >> oh! >> i'm sorry, i've got to get to editing fast.
10:06 am
>>oday on "tonight." >> oh. >> a big thanks to j. k. lon who did that fr us, but a big thanks to jay and everybody at the "tonight" show. apparently they never allow cameras back stage. this might be the first ey let a crew backsge. it was a lot of fun. you are no longer a "tonight" show virgin. >> no, and it's weird because you have to get there at 3:00 and they start ting at 4:00. you don't know wh all goes on hind the scenes. we got a little parting gift. he was rlly sweet. >> we had great weekend. we went out to dinner that ght, beverly hills hotel, the polo lounge. stop it. literay every day it as75 to 80 without a cloud in the sky. why does anybody live anywhere el? wh do we live here? >> we have some beautiful pictures of wh it's been like
10:07 am
since weleft. each day was about 6 degre. they were playg ball in incribly cold temperatures. the girls dided they were going to make snow angels. >> oka okay well, that was kind of wimpy. that was wimpy. m sorry, i did a keg stand. that's nothing! >> but just so you know, everybody is frzing and one of our facebook friends wrote in and sent us a poto with a sign on it. the sign ays, for those praying for snow, please stop. now that you know prayer works, prayor meltg. >> my daughter always prays for snow because they want off school. >> the packers and the steelers go to theuper bowl. it was a tough game for the
10:08 am
jets. you only felt like if the game went on a little longer, the jets would have won. >> frank says, kathie, it's a stadium, not a theater. and it's called hal time, no intermission. >> after all these years, you would think i'd understand. i missed all the games completely. >> that's gog to be a good e. >> i can't decide wether to have a party or not. >> yes, you have to. you alwayso. >> i don't know. i'm old and arthritic and i just don't fe like it anymore. all these people come over and mooch offyou. who needs . >> youave acrazy crowd that shows up at your house. >> i know. half the people i don'know, theyit around andwant to say, yeah, i watched the super bowl with frank gifford. the worst part is frank always makes everybody watch me sing the natial anthem. i did it in super bowl 2009. didn't know it waspossible for auman to open their mouth that wide. ♪ land of e free
10:09 am
anyway he thinks it's wonderful and i just kind of sit ñrhere, okay, okay. i don't think so. not this year. >> i'm coming over, anyway >> that's how it happens. we say we're not vhaving one an then peopleñi call us, when do u want us? >> if you're unhappy because it's coldñricky and dreary out, you put this light on and it's supposed to put you in a better mood. look atit. do youeel anything? >> so hoda -- not ye hoda and i went to angela's temple while we were in los angeles. angela's teme is a landmark built and open first in january 1923. a woman named amy temple
10:10 am
pherson opened it, and the ntleman that you are dating haactually written a screenplay about her, and he didn't think you would even know who she was. and when heold you he had done that, you went -- >> yeah,ecause you had been working on a brdway show about amy for -- >> 12 years! yes, 12 years. >> it's a ver -- it's a really incredible place. if you ever get ahance to go out to tha sfpot -- i went for the firs time and you see this woman who history forgot, who was this incredibleie evangelist who really just captured an entire nation and then some. >> she's the mostamousoman you've never hed of. >> wh's the song? ♪ who raved fo hollywood? da da da da da da da da llywood ♪ >> it was a lo of fun. it was so nice to meet jay. very nice man.
10:11 am
and cute. >> he is cute. very cute. how cute is he? >> mines a wonderful treat called- where is this? >> grandpa's old-fashioned yogurt sometng. >> if you taste this cake, it's delicious, all ght? it's the origal yogurt cake. they make it on long island and they make muffins and everything. delicious. >> at christmas ti, jill ca me slippers. they are tory birch sliprs. th are $12.99 at nordstrom. love them, love them, love them. >> do you want to know how many caloriesou're eating? it's sick! >> you've been burni those calories, anyway.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
from oprah's big announcement to mtv's racy new team show, rob on t naughty but nice. >> what's the story here? >> oprah winfrey has a half sister, and she found out about it last thanksgivg and has been keeping it a big secre they've met each other, ty spoke, and today she's coming on the show for the big reveal. >> can't believe she didn't come out and say something. >> tre's 100 people in that audien and not a single person
10:16 am
said anything. the sw is not live, it was tapelast thursday- >> and it never got out. >> i called everybody that audien. body. their loyalty to oprah is stgering. the details are a little sketchy. she looks likehe's a little younger than oprah. it was a big revelation. shei't know, either. >> i thought the big controversy was she wasn't sure vernon was her real father. >> we asked vernon ove the weekd what the big revelation was because we though it would be him. he hasn't had a clue what she's talking about. >> do they have the same father? >> no. same mher. >> i've seen a controversy over a showalled skinz, a th controversy is there are kids between 17 and 19 who are acting this andhey're doing all sorts of druggy, sexy this. >> that could b llegal. >> the show is so racy and so
10:17 am
sc scandalous that peop are saying it could be pornography. they have a 15-ye-old boy running down the street naked showing his bare butt. and there are talks that mtv is going to he to re-edit this. >> theve gone too far. just too fa >> i was reading somewhere that even the stuff that didn't end up on the show but was edited out could be ued against mtv. >> as long as you tape it you're in tuble. it's based on a british show, which is even more racy, so ey have toned it down, although the rules here are much stricter. i think what will hurt them is when advertisements star getting out. >> and they are alrdy are. the sexualization of our children have got to stop. >> i spoke to a cast member on wednesday, and she said, oh,
10:18 am
this is what ks are doing. >> not all kids thech. they portrayt that all kids e, and that's just not rue. >> here's a sad story for the united states of america. george clooy says he's not getting marri again, period. >> hisgirlfriend, beautiful italian girl he's been dating for a couple years, she hado idea this as the case unt he announced on cnn. she was wahing george on n and now she realizes she's never going to be mrs. georgeclooney. >> i went walking andunning saturday morning with george's first cousin, moncita. and she was saying he doesn't reallyave malaria. he got a little sick, but it's not malaria. >> if you can look thatood with malaria, bring it on. did you ow that george had be married before? >>it was a miserable marriage. that doesn't an every marriage he'soing to get into will be miserable.
10:19 am
eventually it will, but n -- >> how abo sandra bullock's ex-husband? >> if you get engaged, be quiet about it. >> to say it's the happiest year of his life is such aslap in the faceo r. re's where it gets really sad. he has a little daughte sunny who is only six that sandra foht to get him custody because the mother wasn't fitin everybody's eyes. now sandra like the little girl's mother -- >> legall >> no, not legally. onlyin their eyes. >> rob, thank u. thanks very much. >> we want everyonto be happy. thanks very much. >> we want everyonto be happy.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
have in the house, colin morgan and her sister bren. >> i understand you're huge fans of the show, right? >> what do you love? i love when you rap and do the wine. >> it's time to pick our fans of the week. >> for our biggest fan of the weekplease, drumroll, and now for the nouncement. jessica viviano from poplar grove, illinois. she watches on wrx. not only is she a huge fan, but so e her three ughters. they record the show every da so they canwatch after school. her favorite part of the show is today's talk. theyove watching youalk about your daily lives and interesting topics. hoda is huge inspition to her and reminds her to keep
10:24 am
positive no matter what life throws at you. she watch you guys because y have the ability to make her laugh no matter how her day is going. >> jessica, we love you for that. thk you. >> that was so sweet what are theydrinking? >> it's apple juice it's apple juice. if the sent it in wit a keg stand, an apple juice stand, we're in trouble. >> little kids do keg stands, it's over. if you think y qualify for fan of the week. >> what your daughter is learning pling princess. this is good for her. >> the h.g. dive that people are talking about and the controversy surrounding it. >> all this ter your lol news. and if you wake up often in the middle of the night... rest is here, on the wings of lunea. lunesta helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you c wake up eling rested. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery
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comingup, an enormous wat main break on the beltway. cars flipped, buiings smashed, an interstate shu down when a pipe burst. comingp live team coverage of the icy mess, plus more on t imct aroundhe area. the other story, the bitter cold. tom willell us if a warm-ups in the works. he is tracking
10:27 am
10:28 am
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10:30 am
today's moms arerought to you by walmart. save money. live better with walmart. we're back on tis monday with today's momsalking about the princess phenomena and what it teaches our young daughters. >> she eplores this topic in her new bok. it is called "cinderella ate my daughter." cindy kaiser is the author of "how to be grown-up." thiss interesting. peggy, i suppose when you were a little girl d dssed up and did all those things. what makesit different now than when we wererowing up?
10:31 am
>> what's different now is there is an unprecedented amount o marketing andfocus and emphasis on little girls, really little girls, and encuraging them to embrace beauty and play sexess as what they do. and th really wasn't the case when you and i wre little. when we were little, maybe we got our first bonne bell lip smackers when we were 12,maybe? and now they have the full array when they're four. i dot know, maybe that's okay. >> just playing devil's advocate here, when i was little, i would walk around in my m's high heels and put pretty this around me. that's all ntural annormal, ght? >> it's also the kids' friends, but th parentshave the credit cards. i would say with all this infilttion of sexism and stuff, whave to be more powerful parents. we have to be on our gam and so parents just aren't.
10:32 am
>> it's not so much the dressing up, it's the whole thingbout your guy is going to come up and sa you, like prince charming. i think kids grow upbelieving that andthen realize that's just not the case. >> i haveadult women clients who are waiting to be rescued. >> and there is sort of the entitlement factor. my daughter is seven now, and e got for her birthday this year, she got a ke your own messenger bag kit. >> a what kit? >> a make your own ssenger bag, a purse thing with iron-on transferlike hearts and flows and things, and then there were ones that said brat, spoiled, and pampered princess. >> like those are goo thngs. >> to he credit, she looked in and sad, mom, why would anody want to put those on their purs i'm like, well, you know, unless you're raising paris hilton -- >> explain the sexualization part. my niece dresses upin costumes.
10:33 am
so what? how do you draw the parallel? >> i think it'the connecting the dots thing. there is this flume ride tt little girls get on when they're very little that arts with pink and petty and then turns into this one thing. one of the places you n rally see it is the flesh and blood princesses like miley and those girls, and they start out with the purity rings, the chastity and saying things likei'm way young and i like it at way, i pick clothes thatom approves of, and wham, three months later -- >> they're on the stripper pole. >> clothes are way more revealing. what they allow in school is way more revealing. but gain, it comes down to the parents. if you're a good ro model. if you're teaching kroyour kidte right values, that's how they're gog to be raised. th're not going to fall for it if they're in tyou're ithe pres involved. >> therare things you don't
10:34 am
have to say yes to. you have to find things that low her to celebrate girlhood and being a girl, which she really wants to do andeeds to do, a that you like -- >> how do you know if it's too much, though? when is it toomuch? >> whe she's watching "skins." >> you guys have heard me s this before. we're raising adults, we're t raising children. everything is aboutmodation. yes to princesses, yes to hannah montana, just not only that. theyave to have athletic supplies theyave to have books to read, cook, arts and crafts, all those things have been to be involved as well. >> nancy drew who did stuff. i loved nancy drew. >> so keep it baland. great. thank you! 500 calories a day and injections. we're not talking about the things you do on your face. would you do it to los weight? >> we're going to talk about a diet that's making a big, big comeback, right after this.
10:35 am
pumpkin pie!
10:36 am
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10:38 am
r some of us the new year meant a new weight loss plan, and one the hottest, most controversial diets right now is call hcg diet. >> it's bee around since the 1950 like me, so why the sudden burst of popularity? here is joy bower and dr. david ka. he is head of the preventio center.
10:39 am
>> let's talk about what the diet is. you only get 500 calories a day. >> it's a severe calic reriction. at the same time you have to take thesehcg dps. you either c inject the hormones or -- >> in your stomach? >>here do you inje them? >> into muscle. it can be varus places. shoulder is a possibility. >> they also make a homeopathic ver rsion that you can put underneath your tongue. it's sposed to suppre your appetite syou're able to stick to the 50 on calories a day. but i dilintly reviewed the literature on th and i can find virtuallyo evidence that the hormone ds anything. >> you're starving all e time. that doesn't make sense to me. you take a hormone that says, i think i'll eat forwo now.
10:40 am
>> the interesti thing is where the ideaame from in the first place, and it may be that during egnancy, the whole cascade of hormones does help burnome of mom's fat reserve to make fuel for the growing baby if need be. i can't think of anyther explanatiofor this. >> but that's god's way of doing at, which is nature. here's what doesn't make sense to me. this hormone is not a natural one, this is a synthetic hormone, right? >> you can derive this fm animal sources or it can be synthesized. either w, it is essentially the same hormone that is produced durg pregnancy,ut there iso evidence that i can find, in fact, there are a number of negativ trials. >> let just say with the people who like the diet, okay, these are companies o endorse this diet this is at they say. we highly recommend that a person be monitored a doctor en doing the hcg diet. we suggest people refrain from any very low calorie diet program that does not offer medil supervision. even the original protocol
10:41 am
written by dr. sismeon recommended, we believe people can lose weight and keep it off. >> in all faness, i do want to say that if you're flowing a diet that's only 500 calories a day, you are going to lose weht, and you're going to lose weight fas -- >> b is it going to be healthy? >> n if you're feeling la that are j-- lethargic and irritable ancranky. you'll end up binge eating. >> in the 1970s, there was something caed the very low calorie diet. they were liquid diets. they were around 50 0 cories and they were monitored. the reason they ent away because peopledied. unless you get the amino asseci
10:42 am
very carefully leached out, i'm concerned this diet could kill you. >> some people, who knows what will happen if they don't do something. >> you can try it one or o days and then transitio into regular eating. 50 oncaories, this is breakfast. a cup ofoffee. then f lunch you have 3.5 ouncesf a plain protein. we're showing boiled chicken, no salad dressing, no oil. two cups of a archy vegetable one melba toast and a pce of fruit. >> i don't think a rabbit would even wa that. then we move to dinner d it's a repeat. 3.5 ounces. we have fish, a kind of lea protein, a bunch of asparagus, a non-archy vegetable, a piece of fruit -- we picked an orange -- and melba toast. >> there is no wine on this plan for you guys.
10:43 am
>> nothing could happen at my house, i can tell you at. up next, how actress's law an order role moved to the screen, after this. so, they give expedia ginormoudiscounts with these: unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. my brain didn't en break a sweat ere you book matters. expedia.
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10:46 am
yes hi. can you put my grandma on th phone please? thanks. excuse me a sec. anotr person calling for her grandmother. she thin it's hesoup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. u gotta taste this soup. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still ach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant ozen vegetables. over twenty delious varieties have sixty caries or less per serving and are now weight watchersndorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables witsauce.
10:47 am
actress mel toomey had already made her mark o the soaps when e was invited to play in "w and orderpecial unit." take a look >> so w did you call us in for a traffic fatality? >> because i knowow to do my job. i was shot in the lung, notthe head. she has ligaturearks on her wrists and ankle >> hi, tamara. >> hello. >> such happy fare. >> 11 years is a big thing to
10:48 am
celebrate, but we have somethi bigger to celebrate. she drove in from pittsburgh, u were at the steelers game -- >> i was athe steelers game. >> you'r really a diehard, huh? >> i was born and raised in pittsburgh, so, you know, if you're in steeler kuchcouny, you're a steeler fan. >> did the fans just go cra? >> it was fascating. 60,000 peop. >> and i'm sure you were among them. >> no, i was in a lovelyox th one of our maj defensive players, etraordinary players. >> so you know football, huh? >> they're my team. >> congrats on "law and order." i know suv did very well, but i was surprised to hear it was the highest rated of all the law and orders. >> right now there are three but the one in l.a. is kind of no the same, but our show, it's the writing. it's the writing and it's the
10:49 am
cast, the combination of the two. we have some of the best writers and theyull these stories from the headline, and then they put their own special tst on it, and they're alys compelling, and i run into people all the time w say, i watched th maraon and i know i've seen the show three times already, but i still watchit. >> ineal life you grew up in a funeral parlo >> i did, i did. >> h convenient. >> itas ironic. both my parents are morticians. my dad still has a funeral ho in pittsbgh, so i wasery comfortable for me moving from the funeral homeo the morgue. >> what's th camaderie like among you guys on set? >>oh, it's ntastic. i work wi some ofhe best peop on the planet. we all love each other, we t along, we support each othe off set. each of us have our own charities ande're l supporting each other's chities. it really is a big, happy family. we come, we do the job, we have a good time and tn we go home. >> you're one of the broadway producers of "spring awakening
10:50 am
>> i was. i luck out firsthot on "spring awakening." >> you did. it won a tony. >> it did. >> good luck tomorrow. >>hank you so much i just want everybody to know i'm the newly aointed national spokespeon for the coalitio on child abuserom neglect and deaths from neglect and abse. and we have web site and we have a petition going around congress to look at polici and provide more furndg for social services for families. you can go to youtube and i did my o little flipamera shout-out. >> that's a great cae. >> thanyou. >> go steelers you can catch law and order
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
we're getting saucy with every woman'sream. >> that's right, matt is here to show us some perfect recipes from his cookbook "having her over for dinner." very good concept, getting guys in the kitchen. >> it's very sexy. the smell of grease, there's nothing like it. it's been a long hour, right? how about a gla of wine? >> he already knowshe way to a woman's heart. >> we don't care what you do now. >> we're going to pair it up with a simple aetizer. we have some roastedalmonds, some cheese. goat cheese salad is one of my favorite recipes in the boo
10:55 am
we have fresh spinach. wee going to throw in some onion, fresh pecans -- or you may say pecans. >> what's that? >>hat's a granny smith apple. keeping it southern, we're moving on to okra. this is my grandmother's rece, so aittle extrairgin olive oil, so koer salt. >> has it never not worked for you, matt? it's a good gigtoy, haing out with two beautiful women. i'll take it. >> it's worked for you every time, huh? i'm going to put this in the oven at350 for about 20, 25 minutes. >> i'm going to flip this. >> i have a lot o lonely friends, i'ltell you that. they know who they e. you're not telling us anythin are you? >> i'm keeping it -- you know. m working here, man. >> you're a mysty boy.
10:56 am
>> that's just in olive oil? >> rig, olive oil. >> grits! >> we're going to finish this off with a little bit lov somecream. >> what if she's watchingher weight, matt? you don't care if she's watching r weight. >> is okay to dulge. we gotsalmon, we got a vegetable here. we can go a little over t top. >> did your mom teach you to cook? how did you learn? >> mom did, yeah. mom and granother. >> where do they live? >> they li in atlanta. looking good, right? >> that looks real good. >> it kind of gives it the texture of fried okra without all the fat. >> i don't know what okra tastes like. >> how is that? hot? >> i can't chew t. a can't bit it. >> let's ke it back. fo dessert, right, we alway have to do dessert.
10:57 am
we're doing a baked apple, very simple. i'm going to finish it on with whipped cream. >> these recipes are sy. >> very straightforward. >> so nouy has an excuse not to ok because you make it so easy for them. >> i think so. great meals start with great ingredients. >> thank you very mu. next time tell us a little more about yourself, okay? >> tomorrowino jdd is going to be with us. >> findingappiness even when things don't seem to be going your way. if ho can find happiss, honestly, there is hope. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
10:58 am
d enjoying it less and less? st paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and we'll include a multi-room dvr free for 12 months. record shows ionroom and watch them
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